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Please Don’t Increase Fuel Price, Nigerians Are Suffering, We’re Begging Our Leaders-Deji

It was recently rumoured that the federal government is planning to increase the pump price of petrol. This recent speculation caused a lot of Nigerians to react differently.

Based on that note, a well known human rights activist, Adeyanju Deji decided to react. According to a post he made on his verified Facebook page, Adeyanju Deji made it clear that because some Nigerians are comfortable doesn’t mean that all is well in the country.

Speaking further, he made it known that Nigerians are really suffering so much. He therefore urged the government not to increase the pump price of petrol, making it known that Nigerians are tired of shouting. He ended his post by stating it clearly that he is only begging the heartless leaders we have in the country.

This is really sad and unfortunate. With what is going on presently in Nigeria, it’s obvious that our leaders are wicked. Nigerians are passing through a lot as it stands now, yet some individuals want to increase the pump price of petrol. May God help our dear country Nigeria.

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