My Husband Refused To Sleep With Me And Never Allow Me to Enter His Room- Woman Allege

I m absolutely 27 years old and have since been married to my spouse for a little over four years. He is a wonderful, compassionate, beautiful, and modest man. He is the sort of man that most women would like to marry, but I am no longer at ease with him. Despite his kindness and beauty, he has never allowed anybody to enter his chamber.

We could play and talk all throughout the home, and he’d never let me enter his room and therefore only access mine in the mornings to make me feel better.

With all that has been happening for a long time. He will never touch me, even after I have smacked him twice, he will just be silent when I am upset, and he will never sleep with me. Whenever I made an attempt to approach him, he would find an excuse to push me away.

He is extremely witty and wealthy, and he meets all of my needs, yet he is still unemployed. He only goes out on Sundays to attend religious services, and he would never give me a satisfactory answer if I asked him what he’s doing there.

Once I refuse to talk to him even because of these peculiar behaviours, he would beg me to forgive him, even buying a brand new automobile for me and promising to tell me later, but he never did. I attempted to leave his house once, but he knelt down and pleaded with me, tears in his eyes.

I’m at a loss for what to do; I adore him and he is exactly the sort of man I desire, but the only issue I have with him would be his privacy and his refusal to sleep with me.

Please, I require your assistance; what should I do? Please forward this to your friends. I require an immediate response.

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