If Your Mother is above 50 Years old; See 5 Things You Can Do To Make Her Live Longer And Healthier

There are some secrets to living longer in life that some people do not know. If you should take Professor Wole Soyinka as a case study, you will realize that there is something about his lifestyle that makes him looks fresh as he grows old. Wole Soyinka is 86years old but he looks like a 60-year-old man because he knows the secret to living healthy. I have tried to study some of the things that Prof. Wole Soyinka does which makes him to be as fresh and healthy as he is at his old age. I would like to share some of those secrets with you but, try to also share them across other platforms for others to learn. 

See how fresh Soyinka looks at 86

It is so sad that some children made their mothers to look older than they are. For instance, because of depression over a child, a Mother who is just 50-year old would already be looking like a 90-year-old Grandmother. If your mother is 50 years old there are some things that you are expected to do to avoid her being depressed. Some people do them unconsciously which makes their mother to die to early. Thus, to avoid this, I have provided a detailed article that can make your mother age gracefully.

The most important thing you should do when your mother is 50 years and above is to always take her for a medical check-up at least once in a month. You should never wait till your mother is down with sickness before you take her for check-up. This is because a woman tends to become more vulnerable and weak once she is beyond 50-years old. Please, even if you are not financially buoyant to take her to hospital for check-up, the least you must do is to get her to a Chemist and ask a Medical Personnel to check her BP and other things like that. 

The second thing is to make sure you teach your mother some basic health tips that will make her age gracefully. For instance, let her know that drinking water before she sleeps will be very good for her health. Whenever she wakes up in the morning, before she puts anything in her mouth, she needs to drink at least a glass of water. This is scientifically proven to be nutritious to the body. Also, let her know that she needs to stay away from meats like Beef, Pork amongst others. Consuming fish and bush meat would be very helpful. She needs to consume fruits like watermelon regularly. She should at least eat watermelon for three times in a week to make her body fresh. Also, banana and oranges will be good for her health. All these are not expensive to get. Most importantly, she should stay away from too much intake of maggi or any yummy food. She should make sure that Garlic is not missing in her food because it strengthens the immune system. 

You must always be very close to your mother when she is vulnerable. It is not necessary that you see each her every day but you must ensure that you speak with her everyday at least, twice in a day. Call her in the morning and at night. Hearing your voice would do a lot to help her. If you can try to call your mother very often, you are helping her mentally and psychologically from being depressed. Aside from calling her on phone, try as much as possible to visit your mother once in a while; this will lighten her mood and help her health-wisely.

Finally, let me give you some basic things that you must never do when your mother is 50-year-old and beyond to avoid depressions. Do not let that woman hear any bad news about you. Do not let her hear that you committed a crime and you have been arrested. This will lead to depression and old women are liable to many dangers when this happens. Do not shield your immediate family away from your mother (your wife and children). Let her pay you a visit so that she would play with her grand-children. This would make her happy. In conclusion, make sure your mother avoid stress of any kind. She needs more time to rest and enjoy the dividends of her labor. 

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