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I Told Them I Was Pregnant, But They Said, We Are Looking For Pregnant Woman For Ritual- Lady Narrates

A Nigerian lady identified with the Instagram name Ayomibanke seems to have narrated how she was attacked by an armed robber in her house at midnight. According to her, she noted that at about 2 am today, she was robbed in her home at Apete, Ibadan.

Furthermore, she stated that the robber first and foremost took off all her security lights within the compound then tore her window nets so that he can see the persons that are inside. She said that the moment the thief realize she was alone, he, however, applied the use of rob and tie it to her neighbor’s gates so that she can not be assisted when calling for help if she happened to scream.

Moreso, she stated that she could not tell what he (robber) used in taking out her burglary rod before gaining access into her balcony as she said that what she heard next was a sound of a kick on her door that sparked her face. She said that the armed rubber request that she should give him money, her phone, and when he asks for her gold jewelry she said to him that she doesn’t have any. She added that he led her outside crawling on the ground through her burglary that he had already destroyed down to an uncompleted building.

Also, she said that while she was being assaulted, she was told not to make any noise if not he is going to shoot her legs. She went on to say that when they got to the said building, he asked her to kneel and she rather lay flat on the floor with her pregnancy as she thought he is going to pity her because of that. But instead, she noted that the guy said that his gangs are interested in a pregnant woman for ritual. At that point, the thought of her escaping came to her mind as she noted that she got some sand and throw it on the face of the guy and it led to them struggling to the extent she got beaten by him.

In conclusion, she noted that the rubber angrily pushed her to the wall and she summons the courage to attack him too and manage to run from him and that point she began screaming for help as she run barefooted and naked as she cries out to God, noting that she doesn’t deserve what is happening to her however she thanked the Lord that she escapes being raped

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