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I Locked The Door Immediately She Entered My Office, She Begged Me But I Didn’t Listen- Man Confessed

One Dr. Stephen Ukenna has been arrested by the Police Operatives of Ogun State Command for allegedly sleeping with one of his students that he lured into his office. The lecturer, Dr. Stephen Ukenna was a lecturer in the Department of Business Management at the Covenant University in Ota. According to reports by Linda Ikeji, Dr. Stephen forcefully slept with a 17 year old student in his office after tricking her to come alone. After the lecturer was arrested, the spokesperson of the Ogun State Police Command, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, gave a detained narration of how the lecturer raped the 17 year old girl in his office and how they were able to arrest him.

The 41 year old lecturer lured the student (name withheld) to come to his office alone by lying to her that he wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for her close friend. The girl was not aware that the lecturer was looking for an opportunity to have intercourse with her, so she went to see him in the office. On getting to the lecturer’s office, the first thing he did was lock the door. Before they girl could realize what was going on and cry for help, the man grabbed her and forcefully slept with her on the top of the table in his office.

The lecturer might have threatened the girl not to tell anyone but she could not hide it from her parents. She told her parent what happened and her parents took the necessary steps. They went to the Police station to lodge complaint and the police worked on the information to arrest the lecturer. ACP Muyideen Obe swiftly deployed his JWC team to the University to arrest the lecturer.

During interrogation, the lecturer admitted that he forcefully slept with the girl with no viable justification for the terrible act. The State Commissioner of Police, CP, Edward Awolowo has ordered that the lecturer should be effective immediately transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID for further investigation and diligent prosecution.

We hope the girl gets justice for what happened to her because she would have to live with that nightmare for the rest of her life. The pains and thoughts never go away and it leaves an everlasting scar in the heart but we hope she gets through it. Also, it is very germane that every higher institution student learn a vital lesson from what happened to this girl. It is really not safe to visit lecturers’ office without anybody’s company. No matter what, try to go there with either a male of female friend.


  1. What would one do in the case of writing and correcting a project by a female student assigned to a male lecturer? One have to go alone. Please kindly advise

  2. I still can’t fathom d rational behind ds dastardly act be some unscrupulous lecturers. For less than 3 minutes satisfaction, u destroy ur carrier, ur name, ur reputation, and everything. So, wht’s d gain in it dt these people won’t learn from d downfall of their other colleagues, instead, they’d choose to learn from their own stupidity?

  3. Raping is what God don’t like and a sin before God. I believe a man of his caliber should be wise enough to control his emotions, but involving in this act suggest he may be under spiritual attack, which no law recognize.
    By now I’m sure he will be regretting his actions.

  4. I am short of words! This is not a case of sex for marks, this is a pure case of Rape! It is very unfortunate, but I believe that, the man is SICK!

  5. Stall News… Since last year and the case has already been resolved. Lecturer has been relieved of his duty and he is out of jail already after fulfilling all required of him by the law.

  6. Young girls should also try to fight back in cases like this, calm down if after begging the dog and he doesn’t hear you, don’t resist him whilst trying to penetrate, pretend as if consented then grab his two testicles and he will be the one begging to be released no matter how strong he is.

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