After A Nigerian Lady Transferred Almost All Her Salary To Her Husband, See What Her Husband Did

It is the kind of person that someone falls in love with that will determine the perspective that the person will define ‘Love’. Some people define ‘Love’ as scam/scum because they fall in love with a pest (someone who is just after their money/materials) while a pocket of people who fall in love will someone who absolutely care for them will define love as ‘a sweet experience’. It is just about falling in love with the right person.

In this country, a fact has already been established among women that ‘Men’ are meant to be bankrolling all the financial needs in the family. Some women only know how to ‘collect’, they do not know how to ‘give’. A social media user has put so many people in shock after she revealed what she did with almost all her salary yesterday.

This twitter user, @God’s daughter says that she got alert of her salary yesterday and immediately, she rushed home to meet her husband. She asked him that how much does he want her to contribute in order to help him with some responsibilities in the house. The man thought she was joking, so he just mentioned some figures for her to contest with.

The lady took her phone immediately and transferred the money which is almost the amount she got paid. Her husband saw the alert and the lady said ‘it was doing him like film’. After she sent most of her salary to her husband, she said she went ahead to pay the salary of her children’s lesson teacher with the remaining salary so that her husband would stop thinking about it.

It was at that moment that she realized that men are doing a lot because by the time she paid all these bills, what was remaining of the salary was nothing. She said her husband has been struggling to pay all those bills without asking her. So, she decided to lift the burden on him.

The reaction of the husband was priceless. He was so surprised and happy and he did something that touched the lady’s heart. This man went to the market with some of the money, stocked up the home with food items and cooked a sweet delicacy for his wife in order to show her appreciation. The lady wasn’t expecting that much, she just saw that the house was stocked with food and also her husband had prepared something for her.

She said ‘This small support has gone a long way to settle silent quarrels that I didn’t even know about. I will keep working hard and doing my best, men also need support, they are not superman. He didn’t marry a responsibility, he married an helper and he should be feeling more relaxed than when he was single. I am putting in more effort to make money so that I can still reduce his stres

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