5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Financial Help From Friends And Families

At times, you might think everyone loves you, but when it comes to financial help, you will discover you don’t have friends or family to come to your aid. 

Even the friends you trusted so much at that period of time might not even try to help you. 

That why some people always complain if they get rejected by an offer from friends and family, saying, after everything I did for this person, yet he/she refuses to give me helping hands at this moment, I need to favor from him/her. It is really painful to feel rejected when you need financial help from close friends and family. 

Here Are 5 Reasons Why People Ignore You When You Need Financial Help When It Comes To Money:

1. The Kind Of Friends You Keep. 

As a human, it is good to choose a hard-working person as friends, someone with dreams, a person you can meet anytime and ask a favor, and you know for sure he will never disappoint you if he has money. 

The habit of moving with people who are not too financially well-off when it comes to money might be a disadvantage to you when you need help. There is a saying: show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are. 

So as a man or woman, try to build a better group of people, you call friends, people that can always help you when you need help. 

2. You Don’t Have Anything Worth Exchanging In case You Fail To Keep To Your Words. 

Even the bank will ask for collateral when it comes to giving you money or loaning you. 

It is not a good idea or thinking to use trust as a collateral. No matter how close that friendship is, people change when it comes to money or paying back. 

Try to have something worth giving back just in case you didn’t meet up or fail to keep to your promise. 

3. Your Reasons For Asking For Money

This is another issue why many people are rejected if they ask for money or help your ideas and what you want to use the money for. It is very necessary and can trigger someone that has money to give you out. 

When you ask for money from a friend and say the reasons you want the money is because you want to sleep in a hotel room, such words might kill the person’s mindset in giving you money because you don’t have a good point why you need the money. 

4. You’re Dressing

We are in Africa, and we have that mindset that anyone that dresses good or nice is rich, but that is not true. It won’t stop the fact that you dress in Gucci and Versace and other expensive stuff and try to beg money from your friends—it’s funny. 

You can’t dress in expensive Gucci products and ask for money from someone that wears one piece of clothing for two days, and you expect him to give you money when you wear a fashionable dress and even look richer than him/her. 

He/she won’t think you are serious. 

5. The Type Of Phone You Use It Sound Stupid But That The Truth.

We are now in the computer age and better phones and technology are coming out on a daily basis. Some people have high-projection and classic phones that are very expensive that can even buy land. 

But the truth is you can’t beg friends for help when you are using a phone worth $10,000, and you want to ask for a loan or money from a friend who is using a Nokia touch light phone worth $10, and you are using iPhone 13.

Your physical appearance can change people thinking whether they should help you or not. We are all humans, and it is normal that we might feel negative vibes in helping you out when your phone can solve 99% of your problems. 

Thanks for reading. 

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