“You’re Lucky You Don’t Look Like Me, it would’ve Been Bad Market For You” -Mr Ibu Tell His Daughter (Video)

Popular Nollywood actor, John Okafor recently revealed to his daughter that she is lucky that she does not have his looks as it would have been bad market for her.

The popular actor made this known jokingly to his daughter during a family moment they both shared as father and daughter as they made a video about it. His statement to his daughter made her laugh.

John Okafor is known for his comedic acting skills as seen in several Nollywood movies over the years and he wasted no time in showcasing that aspect of himself to his daughter with his recent statement made in a form of joke as it made her laugh.

John Okafor’s statement stirred reactions on social media, with many also reacting with funny emojis and agreeing with his jokingly made statement.

Watch Video Below:

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