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The Booing of Lagos State Government by The Crowd at “The Experience” Is disrespectful

The worshippers of The Experience concert hosted House on the Rock church in Lagos reportedly booed the Lagos State Government when its representative mounted the podium. The report from Peoples Gazette stated that the Lagos State government was represented at the program by the Commissioner of Budget and Economic Planning, Samuel Egube.

When Samuel Egube mounted the podium, the worshippers erupted in noise and booed the Commissioner who came to admonish the youths with the Holy Bible. According to the report, the worshippers didn’t allow the commissioner to give his speech and this forced the Lagos State government representative to hurriedly leave the podium.

This is the first time such a thing will happen in the house of God. To make it even weird, it happened at the Experience, an August festival where renounced gospel Musicians across the world sing and worship God. The Lagos State youths embarrassed the government of the state on international television/program.

This is very terrible and disrespectful. No matter what the grievance of the youths are, keeping in mind that they are in the house of God, they could have kept their anger aside and honour the presence of the state government on International TV.

Meanwhile, the senior pastor of House on the Rocks Church, Paul Adefarasin, has apologized to the Lagos State government for the booing of the government’s representative and rebuked the worshippers for what they did.

No one would have expected that the youths in Lagos State, during The Experience concert, will disrespect their leaders in such a way. Regardless, the youths need to be ashamed of themselves for disgracing themselves on an international program like the Experience.

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  1. This is rather very unfortunate, but Lagos State government have in recent times invited the wrath of the masses with their White paper on the #ENDSAS report. This is just the beginning 😂😂😂 of negative reactions and all government officials should be very careful. This is milder because it took place in a church. You can imagine if it were outside or any other place. He could have been stoned or attacked. The lesson here is that the people at the top should know that the public are very sensitive and react positively or negatively to whatever their leaders do.

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