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Man in Trouble After Sleeping with a Woman who was Facing the Wall in a Dark Room at a House Party

A man has landed himself in trouble after he slept with a woman who had rejected him earlier. According to the reports, the man approached the woman but she turned him down, she later fell for one of the man’s friends and decided to enjoy themselves at the night party. While she was facing the way while being satisfied by her man, the man she rejected earlier came and continued with her.

The 28-year-old man who was identified as Ibraheem Egunbambi works as an accountant in the city of Manchester in England. Despite his advances being turned down, he decided to jump on her knowing that the 21-year-old girl won’t notice.

Recapping the incident, the 21-year-old was out with a friend when she met Egunbambi with his 2 other friends, he tried to exchange saliva with her but she turned him down. After interacting with the 2 make friends, the woman decided to fall out with one of the men and even extended to satisfy themselves that night.

At night they decided to do a style that involved the 21-year-old woman facing the wall, while at this motion, the man left and Egunbambi entered. At first, the girl did not notice, but after some time, she noticed it was a different person from her behinds. She quickly turned on the lights and discovered it was a man she rejected earlier, she told him to stop but with the pleasure, he was feeling, he chose to continue.

She immediately left the room and made a report, Egunbambi said that he was just making fun but the court found him guilty, he has now been sentenced to 4 and half years behind bars.

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