I’m in Bondag, My Wife Beats me Up Every Day- Man Cry Out

My name is Ezekiel, a 48-year-old married man with five children. I am in my second marriage to Anita after my first wife left me some years ago.

Anita and I met through a colleague who was her friend shortly after my first marriage broke down. And though I was not ready for a serious relationship then, Anita showed some qualities of a good woman. I began to fall in love with her.

We did not date for long and got married six months later. That was when I realized that I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

The first thing I noticed about Anita was that she had a quick temper and got angry easily when things were not done her way. I tried severally to dissuade her from such attitude and assertive nature to no avail.

She suddenly changed from being the nice lady I met and became something else. She has continued to torment me in the past two years that we have been married.

The first time Anita hit me, I had just come back from work, tired and hungry. Before I left, I had told her to prepare egusi soup and semovita for me. When I got back, she had made rice and when I queried her, she got angry.

She said if I wanted to eat something else, I should go into the kitchen and make it myself.

I got angry and shouted at her and to my surprise, my wife stood up from where she sat and dealt me a heavy slap. To say the least, I was shocked and stood there looking at her, wondering if this was the wife I got married to barely three months earlier.

I left the house quietly and went to a nearby restaurant where I ate. When I got home, instead of apologizing for what she did, Anita started another quarrel with me, telling me I was an ingrate who did not appreciate all that she did at home.

Since then, she has continued with her habit, hitting me at every provocation. At times, things a couple can just laugh over gets my wife angry and she would use anything at hand to hit me.

She has inflicted wounds on me on a number of occasions but I always refrain from taking any
action because I believe that a man should not beat his wife.

My wife has even slapped me in the presence of my friends but I took it like a man and let it go.

It is not as if I am weak or cannot beat her but I have never raised a finger on a woman all my life.

If I decide to beat her, I may end up killing her and people will come out calling me all sorts of names but now that it is my wife beating me, they will still say I am not man enough to handle my home.


Dear readers, Ezekiel is crying out for help on how to handle his wife and marriage and so far, he is being a gentleman. On True Confession today, we want you to help him with advice.

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