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Exposed: I Give My Son N60k But It Won’t Last Him a Week -Sylvester Oromimi

Shocking revelations on 12 year old Dowen College scholar allegedly tortured to death

I’d Give My Son N60, 000, But It Won’t Last Him a Week –Sylvester Oromi.; this was part of the revelations of Delta-based businessman, Sylvester Oromimi, speaking about the death of his son, Sylvester Jnr, a pupil of Dowen College, Lagos.

The senior Sylvester in an interview with Punch newspaper narrated some other distressing details surrounding the death of the 12 year old boy; excerpts:

My late son’s name is Sylvester Oromimi Jnr. I gave him my name. Sometime in October this year, my son complained that they (school authorities) put the senior and the junior students in one room. So, these senior boys, whom he shared a room with, would harass him and physically assault him. Each time I gave him money for upkeep – most times, N60,000 – it would not last up to a week. He would call home and start crying that he was hungry and needed more money. I was no longer comfortable. ‘What is really happening to this boy in that school?’ I kept wondering. When I asked him, he refused to say anything. He always acted like he was being threatened not to talk. We kept on buying more provisions. They would steal his clothes and his money. He started keeping his money with his hostel master, one Mr Ahmed.

Another time, these senior students cornered him and asked if he had seen the private parts of his elder sister who had just passed out of the school. They told him to describe what her private parts looked like. He said he had not seen that before and could not give any description. They started to torture him. When the beating became too much, he then said that he had seen the sister’s private parts, so they would stop beating him. Those were the first instances.

He first told his younger sister (also a student in the school) about it. The younger sister then called her elder sister, who had just passed out of the school, and reported that Sylvester was behaving funny and it seemed like some people were beginning to influence him. So, the elder sister called him and scolded him, wanting to hear his own side of the story. He told the sister that they beat him. She asked, “Who are ‘they’?” He mentioned their names. He said that was the reason he said he saw her nakedness so that they would stop beating him.

News had filtered around the school that Sylvester said he had seen his sister’s private parts and all that. It was really embarrassing, which was why the elder sister called a relative who went to the school on the day of a midterm break. When the relative picked Sylvester up, she found out from their conversation that some seniors had beaten him up. But when the elder sister was there, we didn’t get any such reports of beatings.


  1. The principal and the house master should be arrested. The police should summon the students in hostel on that day for probing and then let justice prevail.

    1. How would a parent stay in their homes or even outside the country and vouch for what their child did or did not do in school?. Investigations into this matter should not be stiffled by the powers that be in this country. There are several of these type of cases in the country though some families have decided to lie low for various reasons.

  2. That school should be closed, and the school authorities be also held responsible for what had happened.
    Besides, the parents of students mentioned in the case must be held until they produce their children for interrogation.

  3. Haven seen or heard about these previous incidents, why didn’t you withdraw him from the school? Is Dowen college the only good school in Lagos State? Sorry to say but I think you are partly responsible for what happened to your son.

    1. Ur absolutely right !! Parents are becoming unnecessarily competitive and this reasons the kids are not doing well. I personally noticed such silly behaviors from my first and second senior kids while in a particular private school.Immediately I withdrew them and that was it. Even their principal and teachers knew that there were corrupt older students in my children’s class yet they pretended not to know about it. Each time I complained to the principal yet she pretends as if my kids were Angels !! I quietly withdrew my kids from the school. Today a lot of students has left the school. It’s a terrible situation especially in private schools. A lot of principals and teachers are evil. Only after the money and not interested in moral or academic values anymore !! A lot of parents are not smart over this immoral situations in the school their children attends just bcoz of their competitive nature and especially hw expensive the school could be. It’s so unfortunate for this little boy to die this way !!! The parents were to weak to recognize that their son has been in danger for long now !!
      This is another painful practical awareness for parents to learn from !!
      So unfortunate !!!
      Would this boy soul Ever rest ???

  4. They should hold the parents of the children n the owner of the school until they provide the children that kill the little boy.if Nigeria can not come out for the boy that is how they will keep doing.why will the parents hide there children means they are in surpose of what they are doing please govt fight for the little boy

  5. The federal government to close down the school and take action against the school Authority,the Student of Nowadays, think they can do anything because there parent are rich

  6. This is rather unfortunate. Justice should take its cause. I am really sad with what happened to this little bright boy.the parents of these culprit must be arrested also for questioning. May his gentle soul rest in Peace

  7. The parents of the boy didn’t act rightly. Such report from the boy should have been followed up immediately. Reports should have been made to the school authority who may not have known what was going on.. because those boys may threaten the boy not to talk else more punishments will be given to him.

  8. What happened in all these so-called big private schools in our country cannot be imagined. This is because the owners of such Schools value their students and their parents more than academics, moral upbringing, teachers, and name it. Their main interest is the money they realize from them. If the video records of what happens in these Schools are obtained, Government will close all these schools except Mission Schools. Teachers teach with fear because once students mention your name before the management, that teacher is gone without any question. Government should do something about it otherwise the future of our country will be something else. I am speaking from my esperience

  9. Parents should atimes listen to their children, this is coming too late. OST parents don’t have time for their children. Parents should always visit their children or wards on visiting day to see for themselves. Bullying or punishments by senior students had always been an in thing in boarding school, but not to this extent. I knelt down from 10pm till 6am the following day as punishment from a senior. But I sent a message to my dad thru a day student and this senior was investigated, sent on suspension for a month, failed and the shame of repeating the class made her quit the school. Other seniors never tried any discipline again. I once saved a JSS 1 schoolboy (my Landlord’s son). He came to beg me that he doesn’t want to attend a particular school long time ago, I spoke to his Dad & he became a day student in another school. Today he is an Engineer who works in UK. Parents these days don’t discuss with their children, why would you give 60k to a student who eats in school, having gone to school with provisions????

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