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Exposed: How An Eye Witness Gave Details Of What Happened To Sylvester And The Chances Of Getting Justice

One pressing issue which has thrown some Nigerians into mourning is the demise of Sylvester Oromoni, a 12-year-old boy who attended Dowen College Boarding School in Lagos State. The death of this young boy has brought sadness to his parents and siblings and this is one reason why some Nigerians want justice to prevail.

It was initially thought that the late Sylvester got injured while playing football in school according to a statement by the school management, which was released to counter the claim by Sylvester’s cousin who said he was beaten because he refused to join a cult group.

In a recent post shared my gistreel on Facebook, an eye witness who happens to be a student of Dowen College and was present inside the room when Sylvester was beaten has narrated how it happened, and his own account of the ugly incident corroborates what the late Sylvester told his father before he died.

According to the student, Sylvester was beaten by six seniors when they entered their room. While Sylvester and his roommates were talking in their room, the seniors walked in and put off the light. They started beating Sylvester and this made him fall from his bunk.

After they were done, they warned them not to tell anyone what transpired. While Sylvester was still on the ground, they kicked his head before they all left.

The following day, the seniors called them and told them not to reveal what happened to anyone. They told them to tell others that he sustained injuries while playing football.

According to the student, it is not the first time for such a thing to happen in Dowen College and whenever seniors maltreat them, they don’t get a fair hearing from the school management.

The chances of getting justice seems to be very high, bearing in mind that the revelations of late Sylvester has been confirmed by one of the students. What we expect the Police to do is to ensure that investigation is properly done and those found wanting should be brought to book.

Getting justice for late Sylvester will make other Boarding School owners protect the lives of every students and also monitor the things they do in their hostels.


  1. I agreed with you, late Sylvester deserves justice not only for other boarding schools to monitor the students but it will also bring peace to late bereaved family. And all parents that have students in that school should stand up for this to happen.

  2. This sad and unfortunate incident must be pursuit to it’s logical conclusion by melting out punishment to whosoever found guilty and the school in question must be suspended for one whole academic season, before the school be handed over to the owner, government agency should run it for another academic season filter out the bad eggs among the students. This will surely serve as a warning to other schools owners.

  3. Each of those culprits will face justice let them go to the end of earth and hide, karma will visit them there is no escape, wherever they go nemesis will caught up with them, they will never go unpunished, this is evil, so horrible, those boys must face justice. I don’t understand what kind of upbringing, what kind of family they came from, I ask again what kind of family are those boys from?, evil begots evil, a fruit does not fall far from its tree, it quite unfortunate. Justice must be done.

  4. The students involved in this drastic acts should be brought to book.. The proprietor of the school, the house master should also be questioned.

  5. Those boys must be punish, and their parents too because they fail in their duty… The shool also should be shut down, since their is no security for the lives of students.
    Parents pls let us all try to give our children listening heard.. most times they have alot to tell us.

  6. Seeing this remind me of my secondary school days in government collage in Abia state how I beating and maltreatment by the so call senior students when I was just in SS1….

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