Dear Men, 6 Things To Do If Your Girlfriend Always Ask You For Money

Women tend to demand more when it comes to money because they like to live a good lifestyle, so as a man, there are some things you have to do if your woman always asks you for money.

It will be difficult for you to provide all of her basic need, but you can help her achieve her goals by showing her how to make money on her own. 

By doing these, you will reduce the demand for money from her.

Here Are 6 Things You Need To Do If Your Girlfriend Always Ask You For Money. 

1. Tell Her How Difficult Things Are For You At The Moment. 

If your girlfriend loves you, she should be able to understand when you have money or not try to sit her down and explain things to her. Tell her you don’t have at the moment. Be open up, when you don’t have some cash with you, tell her you don’t. 

If you promise to give her something in a week’s time and fail, it might get her angry and make your relationship complicated. Try to explain to her how difficult things are for you. 

Let your yes be yes, and you now be no, don’t promise what you can’t give. 

2. Open Business For her

If you are a working-class man or doing good at the moment, it is not a bad idea to open a business for your girlfriend if she tends to demand money all the time. 

She is likely to be looking for money because she is doing nothing at that period of time, so if you have the connection, try to open a business for her, no matter how little.

With this method, she will stop demanding money all the time because she now has something that gives her money at the main time. 

3. Introduce Her To Your Business

If you are a programmer, content writer etc., introduce her to your business and teach her the steps she can follow, so she will be able to make some money for herself. 

You have financially empowered her by exposing her to the things you do that fetch your money, and these will help her to be financially independent because she can now secure some money on her own without begging you all the time. 

4. Enroll Her In A Skills Learning.

If she can’t secure a job at the moment, you can enroll your girlfriend to learn some skills. It will keep her busy and give her some experience to open her own business line when she’s done learning. 

You can enroll her in some skills like:


Fashion designing/Tailoring.

Content development.


Makeup artistry.

Beads making.

Hair dressing. 

Interior decoration.

With this idea, you can reduce her habits of demanding money from you all the time. 

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