My Brother’s Wife Seduced Me Into Sleeping With Her- Man Cry Out

My name is Donald, a 25-year-old man living with my elder brother and his family after my NYSC but his wife is making life difficult for me after she seduced me into sleeping with her.

And since she made me fall into the temptation of having sex with her, she has refused to stop despite all my efforts to avoid her.

I am no longer comfortable in the house and even when I told her I would leave the house for her, she has threatened to tell my brother that I raped her, something that could bring so much bad blood in my family.

My problem started when my brother, a construction engineer, traveled to Abuja to supervise an estate construction and had to stay in the FCT for over three months.

After about two weeks of his being away, his wife started tormenting me and harassing me sexually. Whenever the children went to bed or off to school, she would dress up in skimpy dresses and strut all over the house almost half naked.

At night, she would wear sexy lingeries and stay up late with me to watch movies. She would barge into my room tying only her towel with practically nothing under.

One night when it rained heavily, I woke up to find her naked beside me in bed touching me all over. I tried to push her off the bed but she begged me that she was horny and since my brother was not available to satisfy her, I should make love to her.

I know I should not have fallen for that temptation but then, I am a man and before I knew it, my manhood had taken a life of its own and we had sex that night.

In the morning, I was so ashamed of myself and tried to avoid her but when the children went off to school, she came back again and I fell, yet again.

And since then, my brother’s wife has not let me have any peace. Even when her husband came back, she still finds a way to sneak into my room for sex and whenever I try to resist her, she would threaten to report me to my brother.

I am not happy with what is happening but I don’t know how to stop this nymphomaniac from destroying our family because that is what she is aiming for.

Please, I need advice from your readers.



  1. The threats are just meant to keep you in the act, Please move away Immediately,it’s not the only place to stay,Think of the consequences incase your brother or family came to find out

  2. This is an abominable act.Look for somewhere else and move out.No doubt,your brother will still find out unless he is not man enough.That woman will consume you if you are not careful.

  3. Leave asap..pick up your things and leave when ur bro. is around..but why are you not working or going out in the morning…you can pick up teaching job in a private school or learn new skills..IT…your idleness caused this issues..pls run away

  4. Please run away now, the evil woman will kill you, lf you love your life leave now before your brother discover

  5. Every idle person is subject to temptation. Firstly, go out every day; never stay alone with her. Secondly, learn a trade to occupy yourself. Thirdly, pack out of that house immediately in the presence of your brother.

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