I Can Never Marry a Man Whose Mother is Still Alive, I Don’t Like Mother In-laws, Lady Boasted

I Can Never Marry a Man Whose Mother is Still Alive, I Don’t Like Mother In-laws, Lady Says

I have heard a lot of stories of how Mother in-laws treat their Daughter in-laws as if they’re Rages or slaves in Ghana. Some maltreatment that most mother in-laws give to the wife of their sons has make me conclude that is better I stay single than marry a man whom his mother is still alive. The thought of it scares me to death.

You will meet a guy that says he want s to marry you. You will be sure of his unending love he has for you. You will be sure that this young Man loves you so dearly. Then he will invite you to come to his place and have dinner with his parents with you will try and look good and descent for him. All of a sudden, as soon as you step into his house where his parents are already waiting upon your arrival, the mother on seeing you will start giving you some funny body language that will make you begin to ask yourself, was my picture shown on the television via news headlines that you’re a criminal or a Rogue.

Then she will start asking you uncomfortable questions. How many boyfriends you have had in the Past. If you’re a school drop out. What course you studied. What made you love his son and would want to marry him. And if your answer doesn’t sound real, then you’re a gold digger that wants to marry his son because of his money, then plan on how to get ride of him and run away with his possessions.

Now after you must have married him, she will start examining how you walk, how you wash clothes, how you cook, if you’re a good cook, she will dig deep to find out how much you spent in buying he foodstuffs you used in cooking the meal. And if you dare cook a tasteless meal, then you’re in big trouble. Because she will tell the whole world that you made use of millions to cook, and yet your meal is tasteless. That all you want is to squander his son’s money and render him useless.

She will also examine the time you went to sleep at night and the time you woke up in the morning everyday. On trying to be a good wife thereby cleaning the house, she will say that you didn’t clean it well. If you decide not to clean it’s she will say you’re too lazy that all you know how to do is to lie down and sleep the whole day.

She will not give you privacy to have qualities time with your husband. As she is always peeking your nose into your affairs. It will be difficult for her to understand that her son now belongs to another woman. If you try to talk she will tell you she carried him in her womb for nine months, and then fed him breaxt for six months. Forgetting that his son is always and will be inbetween your legs all his life.

At your pregnancy stages, she will never take care of you even help your swollen legs to be relieved. She will still expect you to engage in household chores. And finally when you put to bed, she will be Happy if you bore his son a male Child. But if you gave birth to a girls her joy won’t be enormous. And it will be worst if you give birth to only girls, then be rest assured that you’re permanently going back to your father’s house.

Mother in-laws are known for using abusive words on their daughter in-laws. They will Abuse each time they see the opportunity. Even when you’re not at Fault they will still look for something to hold against you, provided they abuse you both in public and in private. They will go about tell other women that they own daughter in-laws is so lazy that all she does is to sleep all day in her son’s house.

This is why I maintain that I will rather stay single than marry any man that his Mother is still alive. You can prove me wrong of you think my decision is not right.

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  1. You are out of your mind. If you happen to get married some day, and you give birth to a son and he sees a woman he wants to marry. The woman tells your son that you have to die before she can get married to him,( your son)how would you feel?
    Think before you talk. Not all mother in-law are wicked, instead pray that God give you a good. mother in-law.

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