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“The Bandits Operated Freely For Hours” -Shehu Sani Reacts To The Kidnaping Of An Ohaneze Chieftain

It was reported yesterday that armed bandits attacked a certain village in Kaduna State and Kidnapped several innocent Nigerians, including an Ohanaeze chieftain, Eze Fred Awagu.

This tragic incident caused a lot of Nigerians to react differently. Based on that note, the former senator that represented the good people of Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone, Senator Shehu Sani decided to react.

While reacting, the former lawmaker made it known that Eze Fred Awagu, an Ohanaeze chieftain was among several individuals who were kidnapped yesterday at Anguwan Gimbiya, in the outskirts of Kaduna city.

Speaking further, Senator Shehu Sani made it known that the bandits operated freely for hours. He ended his tweet by stating it clearly that this is the tragedy of our time.

This is sad and pathetic. With what is going on presently in Nigeria, it seems like the federal government doesn’t know what to do again. Nigerians are being killed and kidnapped on a daily basis yet nothing is happening. The federal government must rise up now and act fast, because tomorrow might be too late for all of us.

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  1. The fact of the matter is that Nigeria is a failed state. A country where the country has lost grip on its security apparatus. What is the total population of Soldiers in this country? If I may also ask what is the total population of all the Bandits put together.
    The Nigeria government knows the hotspot of banditry, kidnapping etc in Nigeria. For now all cases of kidnapping in Nigeria is concentrated in North West North Central. The military should be deployed in the bushes of Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Karina, Karina Abuja road. The highway should also have the soldiers in strategic places. Signal between the corps should be at its best. The air Force should be part of the team for sir surveillance. If this jointly done with vigilantes groups & local hunters who know the terrain. If this joint forces concentrate on this hotspot for two months with Nigeria alerting the neighbouring countries like Niger, Chad, Cameroun & Republic of Benin to intercept assailants on the run. Then the desired victory will come. As it is now the Bandits are tilting towards religious inclinations, asking Churches to close down.
    If the government is serious, and they don’t have hidden agenda, then in months these terrorist will be disbanded & flushed out. This is my stake.

  2. I think the national assembly are not fit to be there for by now sensible parliamentary leaders ought to have Removed The so call president and Commander of cowards of Nigeria
    Mr Buhari and probe the army chiefs

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