My Boyfriend Paid My School Fees, But I Can’t Marry Him, I Want Someone Of My Class- Nurse Rejects Boyfriend Who Is A Taxi Driver

My Boyfriend Paid My School Fees, But I Can’t Marry Him, I Want Someone Of My Class- Nurse Rejects Boyfriend Who Is A Taxi Driver

The accounts of putting resources into a relationship have consistently been on the table for conversation.

There have been a few examples where accomplices out of affection put resources into the schooling or business of their future spouses or wives yet later alter their perspectives.

The issue mostly gets out of hand if one partner attains higher education than the other and later decides to separate with the excuse that they are not on the same level.

According to her narration, the man is not her class anymore and wants someone who is on the same level as her.

She has expressed her appreciation for all the assistance offered to her but cannot marry a truck driver.

A young lady who prefers to remain anonymous is seeking advice from similar circumstances.

According to her narration which was posted in one of the Facebook pages, she was only 14 years old when both parents died.

According to her she met a young man at the age of seventeen. She further narrates that the young man was just a fruit seller on the streets but was able to pay all her school fees.

The man later secured a job as a truck driver and was able to now pay for her university education. The hope was that the two were building a future together.

The lady has now graduated and practicing as a lawyer but she is now in a fix. The young man is still a truck driver but the lady is a lawyer.

“I’m grateful he sent me to school and paid all my school fees but I cannot be in a relationship with him again. I’m looking for someone in the same class with me and not a truck driver. I know that no one should marry for sympathy or to return a favor. Marriage should be about love. I was young when I met him but now I can make my own decisions. Please help me to decide”. She added.


  1. If he did not send you to school, what would have been your level? Never give to others to your own disadvantage, no one is worth it, anyone who truly deserves a favor will never seek a one sided advantage, any unbalanced equation often breed pains, raise up your game and not the other way round for fellows with heart of gold and memories are near extinct

  2. Ladies like you are the reason why our gender is always getting insulted. When you were collecting his money you didn’t know abi😏 he could have used the money to better his life but he decided to use it on you and you are here talking about class! Really? Don’t you sound like a gold digger to yourself? I just hope you succeed because if that guy places any curse on you ehnn it would work!

  3. Madam Lawyer. First of all you should demonstrate sensitivity on this matter. Empathize with the Truck Driver. Out of love, affection he made sacrifices for you. He may have hoped to marry you upon completion. Treat him well so he does not end his life out of rejection at the last hour.
    You may interest him to enroll in adult education to uplift his education standards. You can also be his teacher if the guy really loves you. Today it is love more than anything else that matters in marriage.
    Should he find advancement of his education difficult refusing to take your advice, then you may seek to compensate him by reimbursing money he expended on your school fees. The young man who aspires to marry you should be prepared to shoulder this burden with you for amicable settlement of the case.
    From now on be careful that the Truck Driver doesn’t get irritated when he gets to know that you intend to walk out of his life. He could decide our of uncontrollable anger terminate your life as well as his and the man you aspire to marry. Therefore, watch Out! Be careful. May The Almighty God guide you and protect you as you address this issue before you.

  4. Where was that your class or your level man when this poor man was paying your school fees and taking care of your needs… Stupidity in madness.

  5. You are seeking people’s advice because you have forgotten how and from where you started ; lost your both parents at age 14. If you don’t want to die, and you want to enjoy life fully, then look for job, hire a lawyer or lawyers to help you calculate every kobo the truck driver has spent on you ( feeding, clothing, school fees, transport etc) + the accrued interest in gross total, properly documented, then go to him and present it to him ( the Truck Driver) on your knees in the presence of your friends, his friends, and the lawyers.
    Alternatively you should Mary him and make a good example, a good name, and be popular in Nigeria I bet you.

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