If You Want to Live Long, Here Are 4 Things You Should Never Fight For

Life like you know has no copy so there is each should be cautious with your life as you carry on your day by day exercises.

Because life, as you are aware, does not come in a duplicate, you should take caution with your life while you go about your daily activities.

If there is anything in this life that you should try your hand at right away, it should be something that has a lengthy shelf life because when there is life, there is trust in the outcome. When a man dies, it is possible that his desire will be curtailed, thus as long as you are living, your expectation will stretch the length of the Mississippi.

If you want to stay alive, you’ll have to sacrifice a few things and think of this as a commercial hub. There is nothing you brought with you and nothing you will take with you when you go. It’s best not to make things difficult for yourself on the grounds that everything is ultimately a waste of time and effort.

The following are four fights that you should avoid if you want to live a long life.

Those four are comprised of the following:

1. The fight for the females.

Hear me out and hear me clearly: no women will be linked to you throughout delivery, so don’t assume that just because you’ve met Angela, no one will be able to take her away from you. You should never contemplate combating your particular guy for the sake of snatching your better half since it is not warranted, regardless of the prospective rewards. In the event that you don’t know what you’re doing, whether it’s fantastic trying to win her back or not, she will fairly wed another guy.

Individuals who are involved in battles over young women are not likely to last long. Follow your instincts!

2. The Battle for the Land

What exactly is the territory that has to be defended? You met it, and you will forsake it for someone else a short period of time later, so why bother fighting about it?

A large number of people have lost their lives as a result of the land dispute, while others are still unable to understand their responsibilities.

I’ll be honest with you: risking your life for a piece of land isn’t justified, regardless of the possible advantages. Throughout the years, my father’s territorial problem has had the potential to claim the lives of a number of persons. Land contestants are employing charms and various other means to take people’s lives, so please find out how to keep a safe distance from the contestants’ lands and property.

“Are you going to continue monitoring him in order to remove your father’s land from you?” some people may ask you as they push you to the dividing line. However, your mind should convey to you that your life is of greater importance than that piece of land. In the event that you are still alive, you will be able to acquire 10 times the amount of land you originally purchased. Keep in mind that you came from a residue (land) and that you will return to a residue (land) that is identical to the one you came from. Try not to get drawn into a land dispute.

3. The fight for political posts. 3.

A common reason given by opponents for failing to finish a race is because “I should be the victor.” You will agree with me that the round of legislative issues is the most damaging game to be involved in at any time. If you are engaged in a struggle over a certain location, your enemy may be able to successfully terminate your battle in order to enhance easy access to the position. It will be an affront to your Creator if you participate in any despicable protest only for the sake of securing oneself, thus it is best not to do so under any circumstances. I understand that there is money to be made in legislative problems, but you must proceed with caution. Since there are a variety of places you may stroll into and bring in your cash, it is unlikely that there are any legislative concerns. If you want to live a long life, I strongly advise you to refrain from becoming involved in political fights. –

4. The Struggle for Vengeance

I need you to understand that seeking vengeance is not the wisest course of action, no matter how deceived or damaged you may feel. There is nothing that takes place under the sun that God is unaware of, which is why the Bible states that retribution is the work of the Lord.

Allow me to use the following as an example and model: Someone has murdered a member of your family, and you are quite convinced that it was done. However, because the law looks to be making the wrong judgment in this case, it is not in your power to seek vengeance. Aside from the fact that it is against the Law of God and the Law of the country, you may end up losing your life in the process, so what’s the point?

Let’s assume you didn’t die while attempting to retaliate and that you were successful in your effort to terminate the life of the executioner. What is it that you still need to pick up after that? Will you be praised by God? What role will you play on the Day of Atonement in order to protect yourself?

Please allow us to discover out way to abandon revenge for God while yet remaining alive if at all possible.

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God’s favor be upon you.


  1. It’s very true.if one avoid all that have been said other factors kept constant,No covid -19 ,wars and natural calamities some one will be assured of long life.

  2. Life is a challenge, if you are afraid to die and you allow someone to take your land one day you shall surely die so stand tall and face it after all life is a game of luck.

  3. Retribution belongs to God and He will surely take vengeance at His own right time.Nobody will escape His wrought.So, take it off mind, worry for nothing and switch your problems over to God.If
    you’re hurt and you refuse to ruminate about it you will not feel it.With this, you will have rest of mind and peace of mind , longevity Will be on track for you.Many thanks for this great post.👍

  4. This is a food for thought. I’ll make sure keep these close to my side and watch all the time not to be a victim. But certainly, life is a battle. Sidon look does not pay.

  5. I appreciate it. You nail it right on the head. The true has been revealed. I wish you be my counselor. God bless you abundantly.

  6. It is really powerful. Everything you have said is really true and I intend to respect them very well. Thanks so much for sharing.

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