Exposed: Why Muslim Refugees Prefer Going To The US, Europe Instead Of Sharia Countries

It is no longer a secret that many Muslim Refugees from Middle East countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Somalia etc prefer going to the United States of America and Europe instead of moving into fellow sharia countries. For instance, instead of seeking for asylum in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, United Arab Emirate etc, the refugees from Afghanistan prefer going to the United States of America and Canada.

Furthermore, instead of Refugees from Syria and Somalia to move into any nearest sharia or Islamic countries, they prefer going to Europe, especially the United Kingdom. Even when the United Kingdom placed an embargo that they are not going to take more refugees, these Muslim Refugees instead of going into Saudi Arabia decided to protest.

The truth is that the United Kingdom was taking many refugees until some Muslims extremists started attacking people in France. France had initially offered a number of them refugees, now, they no longer welcome many refugees. The United States on the other hand are being careful so that the 9/11 incident will not repeat itself against. People like former presidential candidate, Ben Carson, is totally against the intake of these refugees. He made it known that the United States may one day admit terrorists into their country without knowing it because they want to be politically correct.

He made it known that as they are taking these refugees without screening them, they could admit religious extremists without knowing it because they (Americans) do not want to offend anyone. Furthermore, he said that they cannot endanger their lives and that of their children just because they want to be politically correct or because they do not want criticism. Prevention is better than cure. This is why European countries are being more careful in taking more refugees, especially from Islamic countries.

An article published by jihad watch says that Muslim Refugees will easily adapt in Islamic countries where sharia is practised, but they prefer going to non sharia countries. Does it mean that they dislike sharia any more? The question now is, if they dislike living under sharia conditions, why are they trying to enforce sharia in some European countries like France? This question is long begging for answers.

Furthermore, why will they leave all the nearby Islamic countries to face Christian dominated Countries for refugees? Some of these refugees are always sympathizing with terrorists, like what happened in Afghanistan recently where the locals were sympathizing with the Taliban. After creating tension, they turn to the west for refugees. This is sad. The most annoying aspect is that the key Islamic leaders always fail to condemn these terroristic attacks, except fellow Muslims are hit or attacked.


  1. Many people living in Moslem countries don’t like the religion but they lack the courage to speak against it. Being a refugee is an opportunity to esape into a non Moslem country.

  2. Majority muslims are emotionally clouded when non muslim criticize their actions when Boko haram started in Nigeria the local muslims sympathized with them serving as informants, their leaders kept silent,they now become victims of terrorist aggression in IDP camps

  3. They know what they are doing very well, is a game plan. If I could remember they said their mission is to conquer Europe and the entire world. So is left for the Europeans and the Americans to sit up.

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