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“A Man Jumped Into My Compound About 8:PM, Lied He was Been Chased By Some Folks And This Happened”- Lady Narrates

The terrifying occurrence that occurred at a residence on Friday night was first brought to attention by a Twitter user who described it as a guy bursting through the perimeter of their property.

she stated that a man jumped over their fence and landed beside the kitchen of one of her neighbours, where the other neighbour who was shocked seeing the man raised an alarm immediately. Neighbours who had seen the man attempted to pursue him, but lost sight of him after a short distance. Even as he was being beaten because he leapt over someone’s fence, he was asked to tell the reason why he leapt over the gate and he replied that he had had a bad accident, so as he got out, some people began to chase him.

According to her:

This guy jumped into my compound yesterday at about 8 pm. Unfortunately, he landed beside someone’s kitchen. Co-tenant raised an alarm and the other guys joined in the chase. They caught him! Beat the daylight out of him, I was shaking all through. When asked his motive, he said he had an accident and some folks began to chase him.

We didn’t believe it because it didn’t add up as to why he ran immediately he jumped into the compound. Normal response would have been to even find solace in the safe compound and not run out. Another round of beating. Never seen such a thing before. Eventually, he was taken to the station. News got to us this morning that he had killed a police officer and while trying to evade arrest, he knocked down three passengers on the bike with his car.

Folks in the area gave him a chase and he landed in my compound. I really pity the guy because his case doesn’t look like one that would be settled. He’s looking at a murder case against an officer, and whatever penalty for ‘hit and run’ Can’t stop thinking of his fate.

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  1. The story didn’t make clear whether he killed the police officer in a vehicular accident or by outrightly murdering him. If the former then it shouldn’t be described as a murder since it wasn’t intentional. However leaving the scene of an accident, particularly one that caused a fatality, is a serious crime, added to knocking over 3 other bystanders. ’nuff said.

  2. Because he wanted to escape from being punished for an offence doesn’t give him a right to take other people’s lives. That is share wickedness and madness he should be seriously reprimanded.

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