I Have No Womb But I’m Afraid I Can’t Tell The Man I Want To Marry- Lady Seek Advice

I Have No Womb But I’m Afraid I Can’t Tell The Man I Want To Marry- Lady Seek Advice

It may seem like wickedness but I know I’m not – this is the only man that has ever taken me serious in my bloody life. The only one that is kind enough to make me his wife and my conscience won’t let me breathe. Tell him, tell him, tell him. That’s a conscience from hell, a conscience that wants to see me die an old hag. I can’t do that to myself.

I was in 300L in the university when my boyfriend then, got me pregnant again for the 6th time since we were dating. I had no choice but to abort it like I did in previous cases but I didn’t know that was the last straw. I went to the same nurse who did the previous, and she did it but the bleeding didn’t stop, went back and she gave me a drug to stop the bleeding and it did but I started having excruciating pains and my room mates, who couldn’t watch me die, rushed me to the school clinic.

There, I was transferred to my school’s teaching hospital where I was given the bad news that my womb had been perforated badly during the abortion and would never be able to have a child. It remains the saddest news I have ever received.

I didn’t date for many years and after NYSC I started again but all the guys that came where all for the s*x and didn’t give a damn about me. Then, when I was about to swear off dating, this night in shinning amour comes into my life. He asked me to marry him after 8months of being together but my silly conscience won’t let me be.Please everyone, I’m traumatised, what should I do, tell him and lose him? or tell him after the wedding? or not tell him at all??? Please please please help me.


  1. First of all, have you given your life to Christ? Are you a born again? Then pray about it first….then tell him. A real guy who is yours will always stick to you. You’re not the first to start having this kind of story. At the end they still latter have children miraculously after marriage ma.

  2. First of all you need to confess to God that you are a siner, that you killed humans before they even had time to see a sunlight, then tell your man point blank everything. If he really loves you he will be shocked for a little while, and maybe to distance himself from you but later on will just come back, but if he goes for good then he’s not meant for you.
    It would be very grateful for you to put things in to light than hiding and afterwards experience shame if things done in the darkness are barely put into the open.
    I’m praying for God to intervene for your case. [email protected]

  3. Just let him know than to suffer that innocent young guy. What if no joy for any of you at all cos of this after marriage. That is the worst cos I am experiencing one now. No baby, I am not happy and she is not happy. Let it be one person or better still, try to convince B4 wedding to avoid agony for both of you later in marriage.

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