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“I Have Forgiven My Mother But I Do Not Want to Seeee Her Again In My Life- An angry man Reveals

Life can be difficult even for those who have done nothing wrong to deserve it. Imagine being brought to earth by the same person who is going to hate you for doing nothing at all.

Lately, people have been talking about how difficult their lives have been because of their mothers, who have failed to act like parents. At first, I thought it was just women who were affected by this, but it turns out men too can feel the absence of a female parent.

A man named Simon Oratilwe found the chance to reveal how he feels about his mother when the discussion about bad mothers was brought up. Simon did not specify what exactly his mother did to him, but he did state that he had forgiven her but he does not want to see her again in his life due to the level of anger, frustration, and hate that he has against her.

Simon is an entrepreneur who has been married for six years before getting divorced. He says his ex-wife was a very supportive woman and their divorce had nothing to do with what her mother had put him through. One of the qualities that he developed as someone who knows what it feels like to be abandoned is giving love and support to other people.

He promised himself that he is not what happened to him, but he is what he is currently doing and what he would keep on doing. Forgiveness played a bigger role in becoming the man that he is today, but he encourages people to keep a distance after forgiving.

I think whatever it is that his mother did to him was beyond measure, because Simon sounds like a kind person. I do not think he is the kind of man who would refuse to help his mother should she come knocking on his door, even though he has made it clear that he does not want to see her again. It is people who know what it feels like to be abandoned that know what kind of love is essential to set a person free.


  1. But someone should tell Mr. Simon that’s whatever situation you find yourself, the truth is that you can’t changed your Father or Mother for anyone it anything even if your mother or father are witch theri prayers to you will go along way in making you a man. Thanks

  2. But someone should tell Mr. Simon that’s whatever situation you find yourself, the truth is that you can’t changed your Father or Mother for anyone or anything, even if your mother or father are witch their prayers to you will go along way in making you a man. Thanks

    1. If they dispaly the witchcraft on you, my brother their prayer will always work against you. I have a first hand experience.

      My Bible says suffer not a witch to live.

      A witch is a witch.

  3. Mr Simon sir, despite the fact that many parents could be heartless, pls note God’s word which commands offsprings to honour their parents that their days may be long on the earth. Keeping distance is acceptable in a life threating and bitter relationship but not wanting to see yr mother for life does not connote TRUE FORGIVENESS.Whatsoever she might have done remember she is the human vehicle that God used in bringing you to life.
    Therefore, I counsel that you plead for more grace from your maker to furnish you with the ability to truly forgive and FORGET. This would spare you of poisoning your foundation with corrosive anger of which the end result may be mightier than your mother’s offence.

    1. I don’t pray you have an experience with a witch and if the witch now happens to be your mother it takes God almighty to save you.

      If you don’t have an experience then I ask that you keep your counsel to your self.

      Every one is entitled to his or her own opinions however, if you have a witch as a mother who has decided to replenish her life with your blood, kindly forgive her and submit your self for the grand sacrifice.

      I am talking from experience, terrible things happen in this world.

      Even when I tried to be peaceful and accept her she came back to kill me. I don’t need anybody to tell me.

      My siblings are well aware of the whole drama.

  4. Simon is totally wrong and a deceit to be precise. Whatever went wrong between him and his mother can as well be measured with his relationship with his wife of six years who he claims was very supportive, yet he divorced her, saying they drifted apart.
    His counsel is to forgive and keep a distance.
    Which scriptures are you quoting from?
    Satanic verses?
    Not the holy Bible I presume.
    If you can’t make up with the two most important people in your life, then you are a devil parading as an angel of light.

  5. If u don’t want to see ur mother again jst look back word because who the think that give birth to u like mary give birth to Jesus ….my brother try to be see ur mother all the time because u don’t want to see her again..its like u don’t take care of her before na.God will not giving u too.ours mommy is like God fear

  6. Simon I as a mother of two boys, me and te father of two boys, I just I do appreciate my self for te gud work that I did to them , Simon remember I cared for u for 9 months , from 1 day to where u re now, simon I never burned u I educated u, and do on,.my quiz is u ate me coz of not burning u? Coz of clearned u to cute boy, or am so beautiful that u demanded that u wish I was agud caring mom not to ua, but to b is wife .that is wivu wivu to ua dia mom n bad impressions toward ,.last b happy with ua mom , niwe mchawi au la , stop my witches, my bad character , and improve uas character plus ua family ,, b4. Me saying or cursing u that, may u also be denied, as u Ave denied me, and b poor pooply , and die b4 me amen, those are curses from parents byeer, by loving ua mom as a gud carering mom even if with one eye,or leg, o r one hand mama n mama

  7. The case of Simon is pathetic in two ways. His mother on one side and the wife on the other. He should look deeply at these two issues spiritually and try to break the yoke so that this trend will not continue to grow in his sons. Seek the face of God and trust in him for intervention.

  8. You didn’t tell us exactly what your mother has done to warrant your level of hatred you are nursing against her

  9. I love and pray to be like Jesus, who taught us to and also love his enemies. Forgiving and loving everybody including your enemies is mandatory for salvation from the wrath of God to come on sinners. I WANT TO LOVE MY ENEMIES, FROM WHEREVER, SO I CAN PLEASE GOD.

  10. The container that brought an item say a vehicle from any part of the world to the final destination doesn’t necessarily have to be with the item forever.

    I have read some people’s contribution here and see how funny they are. Mothers are not gods except you take them as one and when you are lucky or favored to have a good mother please cherish her. If you have a bad one avoid her, it is as simple as that.

    Simon is not alone in this. I personally don’t want to set my eyes on my mother because of her witchcraft. I am her first son but suffered deprivations and rejection from her. That which belongs to me she tries as much as possible to take it away from me. I would have been dead and unsuccessful in life if I had not turned to God almighty and severed my relationship with her.

    Yes, this is shocking to people who have deserving mothers. People may not relate with this whole thing.

    But there are evil mothers and their are very good mothers.

    As for me, I don’t ever want to set my eyes on mine. She is evil.

  11. Mr Simon,
    Forgiveness is devine.
    Since you said you have forgiven her, saying you don’t want to see her in life again is not forgiveness, I pray God Almighty give you the grace and wisdom to have a rethink and forgive her from the bottom of your heart so that you can be posperous in all your dealings.
    No matter the wickedness you might experience from her attitude or acts, the holy book says, we should find solace in them, we should manage them no matter the anger and God our creator will judge us all.
    Once again, I pray that, God give you the wisdom and courage to see her again and forgive her sincerely so that both of you May end well.

  12. Mr. JONES A J.God bless you. The man is not loyal to himself. My mum left me with my Dad at age of 7 not divorce but went to her parents place because of luxury. I suffered hell because my Dad lost everything to 1966 political in S. West Nigeria crisis his properties were burnt and all the wives abandoned him except me his last born child and son. But when I grew up my Dad died at my age of 16 yrs. Later after struggling I became somebody and have to take up responsibility of catering for her. The Holy books warned us not to judge our parents no matter what they did to us even if they are witches God had saved us to be somebody great in life. If Simon will be afraid of God’s judgement on him he better take care of his mum and never remind her of her misdeeds to you. May be what you did to your wife is what your Dad did to your Mum in another way.

  13. Simon, it’s dangerous to say you have forgiven your blood Mother,but, PROBABLY you don’t want to see her ,your blood mother throughout your life time. Fine! That shows you had not forgiven her. You are doing a costlier mistake. This could be a reason why you and your wife divorced . Yes! Because in such case every woman is a suspect. If you hate your mother and don’t want to see her again, cannot make a good husband. Forgive and forget your mother and yourself ,so as to move forward and grow. MAY GOD heal your heart and soul In JESUS CHRIST NAME.
    Fortunately, Your NAME is Simon, one of the Disciples of Jesus Christ.
    Dear, be humble before GOD. Know ye “YOU” are holding yourself for not forgiving her totally. JESUS came to call Sinners (including you and your mother) to repentance. He came save, deliver and heal the broken hearts Be healed in your heart .AMEN!

  14. Wisdom demands you stay away,I mean keep a distance from certain people for spiritual reasons in order to stay safe but don’t hate them,free your mind from them,still love them but avoid them totality if such person is after you spiritually
    Those who have ears let them hear

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