“After I Declined a Man’s Offer to Visit Him in a Hotel, See The Text Messages He Sent to Me” – Lady Laments

Last weekend, Friday to be precise, I got a call from my cousin that I should come around that he wants to flex me ,I hurriedly prepared and headed to the school gate. As I stepped out from my hostel gate(l stay in the school hostel) I heard “Hello, the girl on call, fine geh, nwanyi ocha”I turned around and saw two men, one waving and smiling at me, ignored since their faces was nothing close to familiar.

As I approach the school gate, in front of HSC, a car pulled over in front of me and wind down to talk to me as I calmly listened, “I call you when you were in Bam but you see busy so decided to use my car and trace you, I will like to gift you a lift’. For no reason, I was irritated and just wanted to leave the arena without creating a scene, lI quietly declined his offer .

and made to leave when he began again “you are a fine girl and I will like to know you if you mind”, ‘well, I mind as I’m in haste to catch up with someone’ again, I made to leave and he asked for my contact, in a bid to discharge him, I willy-nilly gave my number.

At about 8:30/9pm ish I got a call from an unknown caller but was unable to pick as I was on call, he called again and again but I was still on call. When I dropped the call, I called back only to hear” heeloo, Chinaza how are you, come to Toscana hotel now I want to see you” I was briefly dumbfounded and don’t even know what to reply, he repeated himself before I ended the call.

He called back and repeated himself and even added ‘nne don’t form too much, umuasa IMT don’t have time for that’, God knew I was angry but lacked the words and action to express it… The next day, I woke up to 15missed calls and the sms below.

Till date, I’m still shocked at how some men objectify most women they come acrosss. I step out 5times and I get harassed 3times or more, it’s either they touch me or say derogatory remarks when I don’t respond to their saucy jokes. I shaa don’t blame them… I’m glad most men I know respect women. Till we get to the promised land it’s all


  1. So many men are like that thinking they can do whatever they want to any woman they come across. Many lack total respect for women. I wonder where they came from. It’s barbaric to me. Nevertheless, if u experience so many harrassment like that, first, watch d way u dress, bcos more often than not, people will address u d way u are dressed. Though, that won’t stop some men from misbehaving but at least, it will help to a large extent.
    We are in a world where some men believe they can have anything they want from any woman. U wouldn’t blame them though bcos some girls make them believe so. Some girls are just damn cheap that they act like they’re so useless and with no value at all.

  2. You have to b proud to b beautiful physically that u r admired by men,but let your inner beauty b on lead u will b respected nd honoured depending on how u handle them.

  3. If you knew that you were not interested in the man why did you give him your number? You were the cause of your problems and not necessarily the man. After all it was not like the man pointed a gun at you to force you to hand over your number. Or were you perhaps taking a chance to see if the man could turn out to be a husband material? Beats my imagination why you put yourself in this shit and then turned around to heap blames on men. Be careful. Don’t be a hypocrite or attention seeker.

  4. My joy is that’s you know that there men who who deal with every woman with respect 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

  5. That a particular guys treated you with no respect does not mean that there ‘re no other guys that have respect. All you need to do is to be focused and be ready to listen to him, you never can tell if he will be the expected person you everly want because there are still other nice guy out there that are serious which you need to hear him out first.

  6. You are the vulture who went to gather firewood on the day of her labour. You caused it yourself, so stop seeking attention and stop distracting people. Why did you give out your phone number if you are not interested!

  7. Where in God’s name is she the cause of her problem most times guys hovering around a woman for no serious issue,just to get their ending lust and the only way a girl can dismiss such guy is by giving out number if such person insist to have your number,
    just to dismiss the person.
    you understand she didn’t do anything wrong she did perfectly well. you should be blaming the guy that asked a girl out for the first time and asking her to meet him in a hotel .
    Does such person look responsible to you if you are in that girl’s shoe…
    is the person responsible.

  8. One of the crucial reasons why some men sees most women as sexual object is the accessibility of pornography, its also the cause of most rape cases

  9. Why will you give a guy you’re phone number if you are not ready to listing to nonsense, given you’re number is not an excuse of dismissing a guy you don’t want to listing to, instead you are inviting him to you’re life, OK let see it in this aspect, you are married and a guy stop you try having a word with you and you don’t want, you now give him you’re number when he start calling you, are you going to tell you’re husband I give him my number bcos I don’t want to talk to him is that not foolishness

  10. If you’re as harassed as you claim. And that’s understandable, in our toxic world. But when “men”(sounds like “dogs” of Satan’s war against women) make you their target, yet you casually give out your private line, I will advice that you quickly pray and Ask God For Wisdom. And tarry until you get Wisdom! Dear, you are already a target! Pls check your life. And be prayerful. You’ll live long and make your parents happy in Jesus’name. Amen.

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