5 Things You Should Never Tell A Lady Untill You Marry Her And Grow Old Together

I’m not suggesting that you keep everything hidden from your woman, but there is some information that you shouldn’t share with her because it may come back to haunt you tomorrow. Those topics will be explored in this essay, so make sure to read it all the way through.

The reason for this is that, given what is going on in our culture today, you never know how long a relationship will continue. To be safe, tell her everything after you’ve spent a good amount of time with her; by that time, you’ll be confident that she understands you.

When we start a new relationship, we want it to endure forever, but there are several things you should tell her that will either make or break the connection.

It is then preferable to withhold some facts until you are certain that both of you fully comprehend each other.

No matter how much you love a woman, don’t tell her the following things until you marry her and spend the rest of your lives with her.


Guys, don’t tell a female how many women you’ve been with, no matter how much you love her. You should inform her that she isn’t the first lady you’ve dated, but you shouldn’t tell her how many.

So that she does not perceive you as a whore, or when you tell her you don’t have anything to do with a girl, she does not have any doubts but believes you right away, your relationship will be healthy, and you will be able to tell her and reminisce about your youthful deeds when you grow old with her.


Second, don’t tell her anything negative your parents have said about her so that she doesn’t despise them but accepts them as if they were her own parents.

Telling her that your father or mother said something negative about her can grow a seed of hostility between them, and you may not like the outcome.


If you like and appreciate any of the girl’s girlfriends, don’t tell her when you meet her so that it doesn’t come between her and her friend.

Also, so she doesn’t think you’re a womanizer who’s after her friend.

When you’re old with her, you can tell her you had a crush on one of her pals, and she’ll laugh.


Also, no matter how much you love a girl you’ve just met, if you find you’ve dated one of her friends, don’t tell her so she doesn’t believe you’re a bad person or that you’ll still pursue her friend or abandon her someday.

Allow the sleeping dog to rest. Such stories will one day be beneficial to the ear, particularly in old age.


Finally, no matter how much you adore a girl you’ve just met, don’t tell her about your family’s problems. Some things should be kept hidden until you’re sure you can trust her entirely.

By then, you’re certain she’ll be a part of your life for the rest of your life, until you both die. Love will not be able to resolve all of your issues, especially if they involve something that may tarnish your reputation.

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