What Prophet Muhammad Said About Anti-Christ and How Jesus Christ will Defeat Him

Prophet Muhammad said no one knows when the world will end, but he gave us minor and major signs. The Major Signs are ten, and he described Dajjaal(Anti Christ) on Earth, and how Jesus Christ will descend from Heaven and kill the Anti-Christ.

He(Jesus Christ) shall be a known sign of the hour, so have no doubt concerning it and follow me(Quran 43:61).

In one of the Prophet Hadith(Imam Muslim, Prophet Muhammad(may the peace and blessings of God be unto him) said the Day of Judgement will not come until we see ten major signs, the Smoke, Al-Madi(A Muslim leader), Dajjaal(Anti-Christ), Isa Ibn Mariam(Jesus Christ), Gog and the Magog, the Beast, rising of the sun from west, three Earthquake (one in the West, another in the East and last in the Arabian Peninsula).

The Prophet said Anti Christ would live in this earth for 40 days, and the first day will be like a year, second day like a month, third day like a week and the rest of the days will be like our normal days.

Prophet said, Dajjaal(anti-Christ) is a young man with twisted, contracted hair and a blind eye. He would appear on the way between Syria and Iraq, and he would cause great calamity on Earth.

He will invite people to his false religion, and those that accept it will command the sky, and the rain will fall and make the land flourish, but those that disobey, will cause drought in their Land and the people will be suffering, until Isa(Jesus Christ) descend from Heaven on a white tower around the East of Damascus by putting is palms on the Wings of two angels. He will kill the Anti-Christ and make everyone to worship Allah(God) alone.


  1. Jesus Christ occupied 3 offices in the heavenly realm respectively:
    1. The Great High Priest. Heb. 3:1-6; Heb. 4:14-16 etc
    2. The Son of God. Mark 14:61-62; Rom. 1:4; Like 1:32, 35; Like 4:41, etc.
    3. Jesus Himself is God. Jn. 10:15a; Jn. 1:1-3.
    Jesus Christ is even the creator of Heaven and Earth, including all prophets.

  2. This shows that ISLAM has the solutions and explanations to everything from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Prophet Jesus (Issa), as we Muslims believe, is a pure Prophet of ALLAH and he was born with no father but that doesn’t mean we should called him God or the son of God or the greatest of all Prophets, “NO”. ALLAH is the most wise and the all knowing, HE knows the world is going to corrupt with falsehood, where the truth will be seeing as falsehood and falsehood will be seeing as truth that why ALLAH preserve Jesus to confirm the rejected truth (ISLAM) during the end of time. Please, I want us all to use common sense. Jesus Christ as a pure Prophet of God (Allah), do we still believe that when JESUS come back he is going to worship three Gods, call him self the son of God or God, he is going to were coat and tie, is going sing and dance in the house of worship, is going to allow us to dress naked, is going to allow us drink wine and eat pork, is going to allow us to fornicate,and were false hair, clubbing, drugging e.c.t.the answer is ” NO”. But rather, he is going to confirm and work with the rules and regulations of Islam. Brothers and sisters, this is not something to hide, the truth is the truth and it is bitter some how but it is good if only we follow. May ALLAH give us the knowledge to detect good and evil and the ability to accept good and avoid evil….ameen

  3. Really, but why did He say in the book of John 5:30 that ” I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me. (KJV)

    It means you have not been reading bible deliberately but only follow what is been dictated to u by your leaders.

  4. Of course Jesus the Christ will not condone immoral acts of any kind even in the Quran it’s clearly written that Jesus the Christ is the spirit of God so even you use yout common sense too when a person is the spirit of God then what is the difference for example God almighty created we humans to function with three district features and yet they are one humans are a combination of spirit soul and body so think about it can you saperate the three from each other

  5. Christianity and Islam. The two abrahamic religions with almost the same believe but yet so far from each other way

  6. Jesus came to this world 500 Years before Mohammed who is the anti Christ was born.Mohammed is talking about himself as the anti Christ. It is better to dance and dress naked before God than to behead your fellow human being in the name of Islam.followers of Mohammed has created so much problem in this world,only the love of Christ can save the world.

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