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“The Challenge Is Not In Our Diversity” – Sanusi II Says, List Nigeria’s Problem

The spiritual leader of the Tijanniyah Sufi order in Nigeria, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has been seen in a new video that resurfaced online on November 13, 2021, saying that the problem of Nigeria is not in the country’s diversity.

He noted that different tribes is not the reason why the country is facing the problems that she is facing today. He made it clear that the problem of Nigeria is embedded in the inability of the leadership to fudge a nation.

The 69-Year-old grandson of Muhammadu Sanusi I, made the disclosure while speaking with ARISE TV anchor few weeks ago. During the interview, the former Governor of the central bank of Nigeria (CBN), noted that the existence of different tribes in the country is not the reason why the country is facing the challenges that she is facing. 

While speaking on zoning of presidency, he opined that people are using ethnicity for their negotiation for political space. He said that ethnicity shouldn’t be the determinant of who will lead the country but qualification.

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