Nigerians Are Moving To Europe For Greener Pastures And Buhari Is Inviting Parisians To Nigeria- Sani

It was reported yesterday that President Buhari said that Nigeria is open to French citizens who seek for greener pastures. This statement that came from President Muhammadu Buhari caused several Nigerians to react differently.

Based on that note, the former senator that represented the good people of Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone, Senator Shehu Sani decided to speak.

While reacting, the former lawmaker made it known that Nigerians are moving to Europe for greener pastures and our president, Muhammadu Buhari is telling Parisians to come to Nigeria for greener pastures.

This is really a funny one indeed. I think that the Nigerian government should first of all help Nigerians first before talking about inviting foreigners into the country. Most Nigerians have left the country because the situation of things in the country and President Buhari is busy inviting foreigners. If things are working perfectly well, I don’t think that there will be any need to invite foreigners, because they will come without being invited.

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  • I think it is obvious now that Sani is not a good Nigerian, he was where he could help some Nigerians but he never did. He is now an activist to deceive the gullible again.

    • Maybe ,he is doing that to execute his secret agendum ,when he knows that Nigerians are suffering under his administration,we should be watchful

  • Shehu Sani

    is right when the Country is drifting Buhari is busy messing up.. OH God of creation guide our leaders right.

  • A Nationalist most especially a leader have to be thinking positively not as Shehu sani. He is always expecting something good that is why he is inviting foreign investors. Shehu Sani plz keep political sentiment aside nd face the reality to work together for the betterment of our country by extricating us from the foregoing predicament. We are all Nigerians if things goes right we are to celebrate buh if otherwise its going to be sorry

    • Infact, your brother is confused, inviting investors for this kind of bad economic condition of Nigeria and he has messed up Nigeria.

    • How did things get so bad in 6years of chanji dole!? Total incompetence, maladministration,no regard to rule of law, hounding down the opposition,mass corruption while pretending to fight it.Total insecurity etc.

  • A government that CANNOT generate funds to manage her economy, a
    government known for BORROWING… GOD forbid. The worst in Europe is better than the BEST in this place under THIS GOVERNMENT

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