I’m Now A Herbalist, I Wasted 30 Years Of My Life Been a Christian Without Knowing God doesn’t Not Exist– Pastor Says

A 58-year-old man of God who denounced his Christian faith to become an idol worshiper revealed what happened to him. According to him, he wasted 30 years of his life serving a God he is not sure he exists.

The Osun State-born man, formerly known as Pastor Adebayo Adekunle, but now prefers to be called Ifabayo Adekunle, narrated how he was frustrated to the point of almost taking his life as he did not know the direction his life was taking.

Ifabayo Adekunle who was the founder of a white garment church before he decided to denounce his Christian faith and embrace the religion of his fore-fathers, said he was worshiping an unknown God, calling on unknown angels who did not contribute anything positive to his life.

He said that whenever he prayed, he did not know if the prayers crossed the roof of his house because he did not even know what or who he was praying for.

Below is what he said and reason for changing religion;

“I really wasted 30 years of my life worshiping a God whose existence still remains a mystery to me and many people.

I was born into a lineage of Ifa worshipers but very early in life, I was converted and I gave my life to Christ, though I did not know what it was all about. I left home to live with the pastor of a white garment church where I trained to become a pastor myself. I lived and trained with the man for 12 years before I was ordained a pastor and I opened my own church.

For the next 13 years, I laboured to make the church grow but there was nothing to show for it because I never had more than 20 members at a time. I kept praying to a God I did not know, called on angels I did not know of their existence and called on a Jesus who never answered me. I did not know if my prayers even went beyond the ceiling or roof of my house because most times, I did not even know what or whom I was praying to.

I read the Bible several times but nothing made any sense to me because, to me, it was just a recording of historical events that did not tell me anything new. I lived from hand to mouth and could hardly feed my family because I tried to dedicate myself to a God who did not care about me. I fasted for several years but nothing worked for me. I used to envy the so called pastor with big churches and large congregations and I wondered how they did it.

But now that I have gone back to Ifa, I know that many of them patronize Ifa priests and other native doctors they condemn. They would sneak into the shrines of these Ifa priests at night to seek for charms to perform miracles but in the day, they will turn around to condemn them. I have had some of them come to me to seek for power and I may be forced to name them if they should dare me. Some of them are the biggest pastors in this state and even beyond.

They would come to beg me to prepare charms for them to perform miracles or to get members and I do this for them because I know how hard it takes to build a church.

The 30 years I worked in the vineyard, as they would call it, were wasted years for me because I ended up with nothing. But in the few years I have been serving Ifa, I have been able to build a befitting house for my family, bought three cars and send my children to good schools.

These were things I could not do as a pastor. People used to mock me then but now, no can try that with me. I learnt my lessons the hard way.”


    • The church he served is not a true church of christ because christian don’t pray to angel but to the God, he was walking blindly being mislead by false prophets of the day, you better repent because there is God else you will regret all eternity.

    • Well sir sorry for been poor when you were serving God as a pastor.
      But let me tell you the reason why God never answer your prayers was because he know you failed to deliver yourself from foundational problem. Which you needed to destroy your Father’s gods, just as Gideon did in the Bible. You can’t secede without firstly distoring goddess.
      And one thing you must know a time will come your children will suffer again and distory this you have planted. Cuz God will open their eyes show one of them the reason why you couldn’t make it during your pastoring years. God bless you

    • I doubt this man’s born again experience from the beginning. read overwhelming evidences of the Living God in our time confirming what happened in the time of the apostles. You can also visit Voice of God Recordings for more evidences that God exists and answers prayers

  • There are evidence that there is God. Nature prove it. There are ways seems right to a man… You have never met with this heavenly God for this 30 years

  • The man has stated clearly that he used to pray to unknown God who can not answer his prayers for 30 years(God of the Bible) meaning he didn’t say that there is no God, for me what I can say my brother has discovered a real God of heaven the creator not God of the Bible, let us also join him coz he has discovered the nature which been hiden and that one is real God we have been waiting for 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      • For 30years worship what he doesn’t
        If he was worshipping the God heaven and the creator he have a good testimony
        Winches and wizard can read Bible and also pray, you need to do a right thing before God we manifest Amen

    • Brother Geoffrey,
      Jesus is beyond what u think of him, he came to save the world. The man does not meet through Christ through is days in religion. The power of living God never work with him for once. Holy spirit is what you receive after the baptism through Gospel and this holy spirit give you power. You seek Jesus not because of things of the world but because of heaven Matthew 6:33 all other things will be added to you. Not other way round. The ifabayo will leave all the worldy things one day and depart to meet the Bible Jesus he condemn as Judge on the judgement seat. Please brother receive Christ and be sober when relating with Most high. Jesus always promise us one thing everlasting life. Read Romans 5vs 1 to the end may God bless you and help you to know him better

    • Who is the true God then? Is IFA the deity the true God? You said he has found the true God, the gods of his forefathers and you said that is the true God. Who is your true God. Now let me refer you to 1Thess. 2:9-12 why has this happened, this man never received the true gospel to begin with. See the word “I was trained to become pastor” the fact that one live with a pastor does not make a spirit filled man, there was no Holy spirit in him. Instead of praying for the creator, he was praying for a creature which most of us are still doing. Because of his unbelieve and having a itching hear, seeking for earthly glory rather than salvation, not enduring sound teaching therefore be watching less you too be deceived. If you said there is no God, how were you create, the air you breathe how did you get? The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. God be with you.

    • Austine, My brother not only you hv that type of belief sometimes I wonder if God exits am ready confused here

    • Sir,I’m very sure dat with the help of ur 30yrs serving as a pastor u should know about a backslider and d consequences he’s going to face on d last day.I pray God of mercy give u a second chance b4 it’s too late for u sir

  • This is a sobering account of a man who was looking for a Great God in the wrong way and wrong places.

    With all due respect, his place of spiritual adventure in Christianity is a challenge meanwhile an evil deity has a contract in your generation to serve him which you could not break from. I am sure the encounters of the man of God Apostle Babalola with ifa priests in his time leaves no doubt of the power of God and the fact he is alive and mightier than the spirit in ifa priesthood.

    So this man would find out when his life is over here that the God he left is very much alive but his tragedy is that he sort God in the wrong places. These so called men of God who comes to you now for power are pretty much like you only that you were more sincere in your decision to make your stand known while they are deceiving themselves and also deceiving those who are following them.

    Sir make no mistake, The Almighty God is real and alive.

    • You’ve made it known already, there are ways of praying to God and He answers you even if you’re a sinner, everything depends on how you link your prayers to God and also being attentive to hear Him when He speaks (the Bible says watch and pray) so for me the man only prayed but didn’t watch and listen.

      • Hear the religious FAITHFOOLS commenting like the straydogs they truly are, the man told a very touching and personal experience but all the FEAR-FILLED AND BRAINWASHED FAITHFOOLS can do is to start preaching, condemning and pronouncing their absurd judgement and stupid HELLFIRE threats. HABA! When will the Blackman come to his senses? The man had a very true life experience and is bold enough to say it loud, but our religion crazed YAKS are trying to take it away from him. Well, DIRECT EXPERIENCE IS BETTER THAN THE ABSURDITY OF FOOLISH FAITH. My only grouse is with the reporter who calls IFA an idol, pray, what is the meaning of the word “IDOL”?

    • @Peter. God Almighty will continue to be with you, give you more wisdom in the name of Jesus. You have explained it all, the white garment church he wasted his life was totally a wrong place. Second, his foundation. Majority of us in christendom fail to know that as a christen if you fail to deal with your foundation your foundation will deal with you. The true God is a respecta of covenant whether good or bad, in our own world, our fathers has dedicated us to idols with a covenant that we are going to serve them and you want to serve a God that respected covenant you don’t break the covenant made by your ancestors and you want them to leave you to server another God? My dear they will do everything to fraudstrate you. That man went back is not the first and he won’t be the last because we still have many outside there who called themselves a christen but they don’t know their right from left. One thing i want us to know is that God will not do what we suppose do, we have to do what we have to and leave the rest for Him. Except we seek the wisdom of God there is no way we won’t have many that will go back. 1st Peter 5:8-11 it is the so call christen that the devil is looking for because he knows that those that are out are already his prey.

    • He said he worship God he didn’t know if He exists. That was his problem. He was never convinced of what he ventured into.
      H has a wrong ambition to becoming a pastor ( to be rich and live ok ) He focused on things beneath rather than things above.
      Let me ask him, how does he know the existence ifa is real. What makes it real? Proof of reality.
      Every worship is historical because we were told.

  • He is one one of those that bought title and were not called, am happy he says with his mouth he served unknown God, but agreed there’s God

  • You indeed wasted that 30years because you never had encounter with God not Jesus Christ. You were completely consumed by religion of your mind and foundation.
    The word of God did mean or add life to you because you did not understand Christianity in the first place.
    You were and still after gaining the whole world and not minding your soul.

    You are not alone in this experience. Many are looking for God only for what they gain material and are not seeking after the kingdom of heaven. John 6:24-27.

  • Go and embrace Islam and see the wonders of God you will see that he exist and they is no God except him and he has no father mother no son he is the god of Abraham the god of Isaac and Jacob the unchangeable changer the god that never disappoint you will test sweet in your life and no enemy shall before you this is my advice to you sir

  • Not surprise, you gave your life to Christ. Christ Life is to be received for you to know God exist. You only move from one Ifa to the other. You need Christ.

    • My opinion is that so many so called men of God are miss reading the members in the Christianity because bible said we should sick first the kingdom of God an it righteousness every other thing will be added un to us but there fail to read there members to Christ Jesus instead they sick first there selfishness an end up getting member s confused an dauthing the exitance of God

  • The God you left is a living God an answerable God 🙏 because you put your mind on worldly🌎 things that’s why you fine it difficult to know weather is living or not, and sir the evil that confused you to will same laugh at you end off your life.

  • The ifa preist did not go to school.He should try and go to school so that he can understand.A degree is a starting point and a masters degree will give him more insight.

  • Keep praying God almighty will deliver u no matter the situation u found ur self give thanks,because David in the bible glorify God ALMIGHTY always,read psalm is the book of David. Thanks

  • He was finding God in a wrong place with wrong motives and method of worship. Jesus Christ says i am the way, the truth and the life, no one cometh to God but by me. He went to where Syncretism was practised, calling the names of angels. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow. Colossians 1:13-18: “Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son. In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins. Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: for by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him etc. Somebody can presume he is worshipping God by going to church physically for 40 or 50 years without an encounter with God because there is no relationship between him or her with God. The beginning of any relationship with God is anchored on repentance and redemption through faith in the atoning blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is in spirit and they that worship him must be in the spirit. Genesis 28:16. And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, surely the LORD is in this place; and i knew it not.

  • My brother those that God call he makes them know him u save a prophet this not mean that u are also a prophet
    And he said this sign shall follow this that know him not everyone thanks

  • Have you ever ask yourself a question that the Life,the breathe,the blood in your vian where do them from?
    Don’t be an ignorance of the world.
    You never sever God or calling him in your life

  • “I was born into a lineage of Ifa worshipers” he stated.

    This is why all his 30years as a christain he still finds it hard to believe God truly exist since, there’s an evil spirit contract in his lineage to worship Ifa. This had made him find it hard to break through.

    He had searched for God the wrong way and wrong place.

    God Almighty exist, and He is alive.

  • God have already knows that you still have passion for your father’s religion. That why he keep ignoring your paryer. God does not waste anyone’s time but you wasted you time your self for doubting the name of the Living God. Go and ask your father to tell about you God is and they will tell you how powerful he is(negatively)

  • Jesus Christ is that God u didn’t know for 30yrs.What is the different bw white garment prophets and herbalists.
    Learn about Jesus Christ,u will understand the mystery.

  • Let him accept Islam and set himself free. Idol worshipping is fetishism and at the end of it the wrath of Almighty Allah will destroy him and the so called worldly things he claimed to have acquired.

  • I don’t think you were worshiping the God of the whole universe. It a very big shame on you to say all this things as a then pastor

  • Well Mr. ifabayo, it’s possible you worshipping an unknown god.the fact is if you are yet to have an encounter with Jesus Christ no matter your years in the ministry the results is what you have.gotten. See what you said, trained to be a pastor (,2.You just went and opened your church, from all indications you never said, God called you. You need to have an encounter with Jesus Christ Read Acts of Apostles.17:18-End. (Then certain philosophers of the Epicureans, and of the Stoicks, encountered Paul and Thier eyes were exposed to the true ‘Living God. Vs.30.says, And the time of the ignorance winked at, but now ‘commandeth all men everywhere to repent. Vs. 31is explicit’ and to the end. So repent bro. and go back to Jesus b4 it’s too late. SHALOM!

  • The devil wants to destroy the so called pastor, he said he prayed to a God he wasn’t sure exist, you are an Isrealites, I am an Isrealites, we are all are Isrealites but the devil wants to turn into idol worshippers, do you know the reason why the black people who are the real Isrealites are suffering today is because most of us are idol worshippers, even the so called Christians and their leaders and their pastors and general overseers, the church going ones especially, the white people are Edomites descendants of Esau, they are not really white but Red people with hairy bodies and God doesn’t reckon with Esau but the black Isrealites who are descendants of Jacob and the devil is making a lot of our people to see that idol worship pays them, what the Man was doing before was that he wasn’t worshipping the real Jesus Christ and God, he was worshipping probably the white Man’s god and white Jesus, who is no God at all but a representative of Lucifer and performing all his rituals, so now the devil has made ifa worship to be best option for him, I pray it won’t be too late for him to encounter the real Jesus and follow him, I pray that you won’t get lost dear fellow Isrealite stop worshipping God because you want him to bless you, I am bigger than money and money won’t be my master, I won’t serve mamon with or without money, I will serve God, God the father of the Lord Jesus Christ is too real to denied or fake, I have experienced his reality and I have heard speak to me

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