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‘I Suggest That No University In Nigeria Should Give Him Admission Again’ – Joe Igbokwe Says Of Captain Walz

Spokesperson of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Lagos State chapter, Joe Igbokwe, has reacted to the report about a final year student of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), who beat up a female lecturer.

It was gathered that a final year student from the Department of Microbiology at the University of Ilorin, known as Captain Walz, beat up a female lecturer, Mrs. Zakariyau.

According to the report, the boy had gone to visit his friend for the first time at Allen Avenue. He felt the impulse to urinate, and then he decided to urinate near a car that was parked by the side of the drainage. Suddenly, someone who must have washed the car, came out accused him of being a thief and he was not given a chance to explain himself before mobs came out and beat him up before handing him over to the Police which led to his detention for two months.

After the incident that happened to him, the final year student approached Mrs. Zakariyau in her office and explained his ordeal to her, so that she can wave the acquired SIWES course which he missed due to the unexpected incident that happen to him. But the female lecturer said there was no way she could render help to him except he joined the next set, which will result in him staying an extra year in the school. He was angry and didn’t know what to do then the lecturer asked him to leave her office, that was he got angry and shouted at her which as a result led to the abuse of the female lecturer.

Reacting to the report, Joe Igbokwe suggested that no University in Nigeria should give the boy admission again. According to Joe Igbokwe, he said: “I suggest that no University in Nigeria should give him admission again. His years at the University of Ilorin should be considered wasted and lost. The young man has no home training and he is a loss canon”.

Do you think Joe Igbokwe’s suggestion should be considered?

What do you think about Joe Igbokwe’s reaction?

Let’s have your opinion, thank you.


  1. It is very unfortunate that a leader can bring up this kind of suggestion, according to the report the boy had just finish two month punishment of misinterpretation of action. Coming out frustrated, seeking assistant from someone that suppose to be a mother or sister, but was turned down, what do you expect him at that point of disappointment. I will plead with the wan to forgive the boy and let go of whatever that has happen for sake of God. Is

      1. Sure! The guy is terribly wrong. But if one consider the pressure mounted on this lad, it’s sad what our society is turning youths into. While I don’t support his action, I sincerely don’t think condemnation is the best way out. The lecturer in question too will not like such stigma as this issue will foster.

        1. I understand what this boy went through. It almost happened to me in my University of Lagos days. Lecturers frustrated me to the point of looking for a gun to hire in order to enter the campus and clear those difficult lecturers who were bent on frustrating me. Thank God, the person I consulted to help me get a gun sat me down and calmed me down. Perhaps I wouldn’t be who I am today if I have followed through.

          1. Did this lecturer frustrate him. Why beat a female in the first place. It was not the lecturer’s mistake that he was cut up in a web of problems. So why take it out on her. She suggested that he join the next set, but because he wanted the easy way out. Learn us all learn how to control our emotions. It pays.

          2. I think you are off track! The lecturer was beaten. His frustration didn’t come from the lecturer. She simply gave him another time for his missed examination.
            Is that frustration?
            I also passed through premier Nigerian Universities and other schools. Students dogging from exams and their troubles are much on lecturers. They would always come up with stories. It is difficult to separate the tars from the corn. This is why some lecturers take the rough side in dealing with missed exams.

          3. My days in school, lecturers corrected me.
            They are supposed to be guidiance to students.
            If I may say one of the reasons one is qualified to lecture is maturity.
            A lecturer should listen to a student that has issues and cancele as required.
            And for Igbokwe to say that in the public shows he does not mean well for Nigerians.
            He should not be allowed to hold a public position.
            Hos kind is one that can course war.
            I have read through some of his write ups.
            He is not good for the nation’s growth.

        2. So for being to prison and came back no lesson was learnt, for staying in campus for four years,no lesson was imparted to him? When you seek for favour and such is not granted , you have to resolved in beaten your lecturer, that is not an excuse, he’s a monster and drug addict. He can engage other lectures to beg the female lecturer instead of beaten a woman.
          Though I don’t support not given him addmission in any University in Nigeria but he must be punish for the act.

        3. The students action should be duelt with according to the school regulations.
          And Mr ibokwe such decision is not the best as the young man will still remain in the society jobless. My humble submission is he should repeat the course again and he should write an apology letter to the lecturer.

        4. Two wrongs cannot make a right. This boy has done something terrible but should be forgiven. He acted out of frustration. He should be given a second chance.

          1. Joe Igbokwu, where will you run to at the end of your service in politics. Your tribe has disown you. Your utterances are always negative. As a father, your should have beged for mercy for the boy.
            No wonder Buhari does not want you to enter Aso rock throughout his tenure.
            Continue to beg you will never enter into that aAso rock. Foolish old man.

          2. Hmmmm, youth of today, we need to train them to because heroes and responsible leader tomorrow not a monster, if this boy can beat up a female lecturer if she is his wife, then she will kill her,
            He must be punished.

        5. I plead that my fellow mother, the lecture should please in the name of God Almighty pardon the young man. He has sinned against God and the lecturer. The young man feels very frustrated eventhough I am not holding brief for him.
          His frustration may arise from the thought that his mate will become his senior and also the fact that the parents may have borrowed to train him or he may have done a lot of menial jobs to survive through the University in which case he felt that his troubles are over. We all know the situation in the country now.
          I plead that some other punishment to correct the young man be considered instead of this unthinkable suggestion by Joe Igbokwe who is talking as if he was never a youth or he has no son of his own. Many of our children misbehave in one way or the other, but we beat them with the right hand and draw them close with our left hand. We don’t have to disown or kill them.
          My plea is that our dear mother and lecturer and my alma matter University of Ilorin, please tamper justice with mercy. We have a lot of miscreants out there in the society already. Let’s not add to the number by killing the aspirations of this young man. If eventually he is sent out there, he may become worse than we can imagine and be a threat to the lecturer and all who he feels fidvnot consider his plight. Four years in the University is not (4) four days or four (4) weeks.
          Please, University of Ilorin in the namevof God, have mercy on this young man. I know by now, he would have realised his mistakes. Thanks.

        6. Much as it may be that I detest the ground joe igbokwe works on with his stupid analogies, but I do not think a student beating up a lecturer is a welcoming dear in all ramifications

      2. The guy has PTSD and so should be pitied but disciplined severely. He should repeat and be doing the lecturers laundry for the whole duration if she’s not afraid he will do some diabolic thing to her using her clothes as vehicles. As I see this guy will soon be in sambisa if they chase him out of every varsity. Joe Igbokwe is talking rubbish,after all they still give hononary degrees to the worst thieves in this country, people who in China would have rotted in their graves decades ago.

    1. Wumj you speak as if you aren’t a student at one point or even now, we all have passed through some awful situations while in school but what that student did is very much bad and disgraceful to his parents. For him to raise his hand on a lecturer more even a female one as for that is shameful. Trust me on this “that boy is possibly beating his mom too”. And Timtayo, you speak of forgiveness/mercy, I have a question for you; what will you do if you found out a young man of your age beat up your mother to that state of being unconscious.
      Left for me alone such person should not be allowed to feel free among humans. He should not just only stop from attending school in this country but should be behind bars for sometime.

      1. Emmanuel Lesanmi, you said the student is irredeemable! Do you have facts of the student’s previous unrepentant violent misbehavior? Sever judgements, like this, expulsion at final year & for life from the entire University system as advocated by Igbokwe, is for proven unrepentance.

        1. Fine and good, his actions is condemning but if he is discarded away as suggested by Mr Igbokwe they are or doing him good but worse why because such person are the types that join cults or gang and then come back for a revenge or become a problem to the society. He should be called for counselling. There are mental punishment one can undergo without it affecting the person mentally whereby, if a violent idea pops into his head he will discard immediately remembering the punishment he ones undergo due to his previous violent action.

      2. Joe igbokwe lacks sense of fatherhood. He lacks wisdom. You are not a good father. How do you groom your children? The young man needs correction and not to be chested with hot rod. Don’t you have children.?

        1. Igbokwe,s reactions to issues concerning politics, morality, domestic violence is so militant,void of diplomacy.
          As is a psychiatrist attention may help out

        2. It’s a reflection of our social anomia.The young man is mentally and psychologically lazy.
          Thè assumption of being locked up in a police cell for two months sounds fictitious
          because as a final year student,he should have his Identity card.if he had been able to prove himself and initio the mob may have spared him..
          I am of the view that no deep thinking person Will believe his alibi.coming back home, what is the relationship between the female lecturer he assured and his purported calamity?
          If University is saddled with the onerous task of churning out citizens worthy in character and learning, and a student for private end wanted to truncate this Noble life line what Will be the future of such system tomorrow?.
          Just as someone has pointed,and rightly too,why did he not take his case up to the faculty, Dean of students affairs, students union,etc?
          Did he not understand that SIWES is the only dimension that gives p which gives life reality to his theoritical exposition over the years? . Regrettably, assaulting a female lecturer is a height of absurdity that posits his lack of respect for womenfolk.and by extension showing how uncourteous his life is.
          Mr. Igbokwe’s out burst must not be trivialized. The young man is the very personification of the very moral lacuna that has kept us revolving like a scalar quantity, moving with magnitude, but no direction.i do think that me needs
          a psychiatrist. I

      3. @Sam, I concurred to what you say. Student beaten up a lecturer is highly disrespectful. He got it all wrong from the start. I come in peace

      4. SAM, no one will be pleased to see his or her mother beaten by anyone. But as Christians, we must learn to forgive no matter the circumstances.
        The boy should be disciplined according to the University principles

    2. 1.What happened to the boy is sad (unfortunate circumstances of many innocent Nigerians in police cells/ prisons ). He should first of all be sympathized with. But we can’t tell if the lecturer showed this sympathy. 2. The boy over reacted thereby complicating his issues. He aught to be disciplined for such unruly aggression. He should have taken his case perhaps to higher authorities in the university to see if he could have a sit on the course or accept his fate with equanimity. 3. However, you don’t kill a mosquito on a glass with a hammer. Igbokwe, as in most of his comments over reacts too. Let the boy upon serious apology, sincere remorse and undertaking, be reconsidered for a second chance either in the school or elsewhere , but definitely not what he wanted and why he beat the lecturer.

      1. Unfortunately the boy was wrong by bitten up his lecturer, the response of the lecturer might not be pleasant to him,he should have informed his parents or meet the school authority for assistant.Mr Joe Igbokwe is not mature enough to know what the boy was going through at that moment. I think next time Joe Igbokwe should not quickly pass judgement.

    3. No one has investigated the story he gave as an excuse to the lecturer.
      The story itself is odd; at his level of development, he should have located a place designated for urination.

      Within the story, was there any evidence of humility?
      With his lecturer, was it evident that he was humble all through?
      Our elders say, “Ọ̀rọ̀ tútù maá nyọ obì lá’pò” (Humility engenders friendliness). We’re humans, the first (if not the only) thing anyone should offer in both instances the student found himself was humility.

      UNILORIN, like any university the world over wouldn’t jump into conclusions. After suspension, the case will be referred to committees made up of approximately qualified and experienced experts….

      In as much as this boy is a son in a family, the lecturer too is someone else’s mother. So, sympathize – though necessary – at this stage will have a low effect. Wisdom dictates that this situation should be a lesson for others.

    4. If a father as Joe can’t see things in a mature way he should give a plinary examination as to know if things like this should be taken in the hard of of stopping universities from given home admission, all I could say is that there’s no forgiveness without sin and the young boy should be pardon cause he did it out if forstration.

      1. Inasmuch as I condem the action of the student,the female lecturer is also guilty of throwing a mug to a student in annoyance, that is barbaric of a supposed mother and a teacher too.She should have control herself in this case.On the part of the boy,one or two punch should have been okay for the stupid lecturer instead of beating her to unconsciousness.They are both guilty.

    5. I totally don’t think he should be punish for his frustration.I am joining others begging to forgive Captain for that act…he was truly a frustrated student at that particular time.Plsssssss i want to also beg unbehalf of Captain,plssssss madam Lectur
      er forgive him for his misbehavior, just take as ur own son or nephew

    6. He is not a good leader and father. there’s nothing like home training in this issue.Some of this lecturers plays god on little issue.Considering what that boy has passed through, which is not his desire and somebody will take you to be unserious, one can be respirate, confused and frustrated to misbehave.But do we kill a fly with sledge hammer?if he is Igbokwe’s son will he say no university should take him?I believe he would spend all he has to make sure the university passed him and award him certificate.
      His judgement is outrageous.

    7. So he can not call on any lecturer to plead on his behave or even call his mother or papa or any relative to beg but decided to download his frustration on another person mother. If the lecturer happen to be your mother your reaction could have been different.

  2. With due respect to the previous commentators who do not agree with Mr Igbokwe’s opinion, I must say that the student’s behavior falls below all decent standards. If any one who has been in the University environment for up to being on the verge of graduation can still behave as described, what it suggests is that such a fellow has not benefited in any from what the University has offered him. What that means is that such an individual has all the while been passing through the University but quite unfortunately, the University has not pass through him! So quite realistically, admitting such an impervious character into another institution is sheer waste of national resources. So on all counts, I agree totally with Mr Igbokwe. His opinion is therefore not borne out wickedness or lack of consideration. The said student is irredeemable!

    1. If the ordeal the student went through is true, it’s most unfortunate. No doubt he errred beating up the lecturer. Also erred are, Mr Igbokwe, the University authorities that expelled him & don’t be surprised, the female lecturer herself. After his unfortunate experience, the boy was looking for sympathy & indeed DESERVED sympathy. With the wrong accusation of being a thief by a mob who no doubt had beaten the hell out of him before handing him over to the Police who knowingly what Nigerian Police are, would have both brutalized & dehuman him for 2 whole months, for an offence not committed, is enough to destabilize any human, making such irrational. The lecturer did not show sympathy & did not handle the matter with human kindness. She exibited the spirit of Shylock in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”-law without mercy. I suggested the University reverses the expulsion order, make the student apologize to the lecturer physically & in writing and also for good behaviour, to satisfy mercy for the repentant, and refer the student for one year, to satisfy law. The judgement of expulsion is without mercy, too harsh, too sever; afterall, we all err one time or the other.

      1. Nigeria today….we all forgetting that this do call Nigeria is bad to the extent that Education has been destroy for so long…If our leaders take education serious…the police have no reason to put the boy in cell for two months…The so call University can’t even see to the case of the boy..who knows maybe the university don’t even have Record of their students…….As for the lectural she is not professional (No different between her and the police) lshe would have taken the case to the Authority in the school to handle…. the cases like that should not come to her desk in the first place….As for Oga on top… continue…. your family sir… will suffer what that boy is going through…I know if that poor boy is your son…. will you be so Judgmental…to talk like that???One day…you will leave that your office.,… Useless Leaders.. Useless country Call NIGERIA…..AM NOT SURPRISED… THEY ONLY KNOW TODAY…. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT FUTURE OF THE YOUTH…

    2. Mr Emmanuel Ilesanmi, you add one more to the league of criminal with such decision and whoever has been a party to his failure might be the first victim.A o ni da omo buruku nu pelu omi ti won fi we. I still maintain that the judgment of Igbokwe’s too hash.

  3. Sorry WUMJ , in the academics nothing is waved for standard.The gentleman has put a clause in his academic endeavours.Wait and see the outcome and do not rush at crucifying the elders.

  4. Remember that he who show mercy, shall receive mercy. I wish to join others pleading for mercy on behalf of this unfortunate guy. I do not condones indiscipline. But this issue is an isolated case of frustration. Pls, let the Authority of Unilorin allow mercy to prevail.

  5. Mr Joe don’t have a talk at all what has him contribution TO this country. Nonsense leader’s, that’s why they cannot give our president good advice

      1. Sad story. Anger/frustration management as a course should be introduced and made compulsory for 4 semesters in all Nigerian higher institution of learning. It could also be introduced at secondary school.

    1. The lecturer involved did the right thing. Yet she was beaten to a state of coma by the student. She almost died ! Justice demands that the young man be expelled and charged to court for aggravated assault & attempted murder. By the time he comes back from his term of imprisonment, maybe he would have learnt his lesson. Mr Igbokwe is 100 percent right. We should not be condoning lawlessness.

      1. Yes What the lecturer did was the right thing. The student should have used is number 6 to work out his pleadinds if the lecturer refuses to listen to him and not by raising abuses on the lecturer which lead to the lecturer throwing a mug at him. The student asked for what the lecturer did to him. If he had listened to the lecturer and leave when the lecturer asked him to leave, who knows if the lecturer would have had a second thought of consideration. But you see, the student vested his anger of the incident that happened at Allen Avenue on the lecturer, showing that he is an uncontrollable animal that has no shepherd. What if at the point of him beating this lecturer and an unfortunate incident like death occurred, what then, would you all say. I think the boy should be expelled without any consideration. Let him go and learn moral training.

      2. If this boy were your brother, I guess you would talk differently. Let’s talk with empathy please. What the boy did was extremely bad, but out of frustration. However, Let’s not throw away the child with the bathe water.

    2. I think he should be served the due purnishment by the authority of the institution for the offence he has committed and made to sign an undertaking to mentain a good conduct henceforth. And if he is remorseful and repentant, should be given another chance. Besides, we all at one point or another do get emotional and react differently as life unfolds it’s unpleasant circumstances towards us.

  6. Forgiveness is the best, the lecturer should forgive the student and ask the school authority to allow him wait for next academic year to complete his school year. Execpt the Lecturer is not a Christian if she is a Christian, Christians fulfill the love of christ by forgiveness..

  7. I think human rights lawyers should assist this boy by taking the police to court for unlawful detention. This is the root cause of the problem. He has every reason to be angry but he has overshot his bounds. However, he should not be wasted. If this were Joe Joe Ibokwe’s child, he would not have said so.

  8. That is Nigeria for the boy (the student )was beating up on the serious note without doing any thing and later handed over to police for two months but those police are still there.There are other people out that can do what the boy did by beating up the woman because of what has happened .

    1. Joe Igbokwe is to known for Sharp judgement, I pity Joe.
      Well, our lecturers should know how to handle an embattled student, think of the frustration the young man is into.
      The lecturer should have been a good counselor. She would have help the man see well the options before him and make a better choice.
      I’m not supporting the action of the young man but we should learn to help people reason right, ok

  9. I don’t think igbokwe æctualy went through the normal school life or this crash programs typical of his northern APC cohorts

  10. Sadly joe, a system engineer with apc cuold not see the travail of the young man and the rot of governance. Joe whatever they call you please note the pain and angush caused by your govt is fast leading to transfered aggression. Very soon you will get the heat and feel the pain..Yaba left

  11. It goes to show how we rush to judgement. Joe Igbokwe has passed judgement in his court when he(Walz) has not been tried. Pathetic! The boy needs help a final year student for that matter.

  12. Shattered dreams, devastated for life. Joe Igbokwe never read psychology. Walz has been going through hell. He went berserk.

  13. I watch the Video of a woman that temporarily passed out after being beaten. The woman I saw was old enough to e a very senior anti to the guy. Assuming he killed the lecturer in the process, we will be talking of a murder case and the punishment if convicted wouldbhave been death. A 300 levelr student should know how to escalate his problem in the University system instead of resulting to assault and almost committed murder in the process. There had been cases when students had been rusticated or suspended and they did not result o asaulting their lecturerss. I think the guy should be prosecuted and after his punishment, he deserves a suspension for one year to serve as a lesson to him and to others. He should be given the opportunity to complete his education after serving his punishments.

  14. This isn’t the best issue he should be punished rather than deying the right to education final year for that matter sir this idea isnt a good one

  15. Sincerely what the boy did was bad and not good at all. However, I am of the view that when the student approached the woman and deeply explained himself. The Lecturer in question supposed not to give final verdict to the student by saying no, but rather as a mother sympathized with him and advise him to apply AMD make his request known to the Senate who is the final authority on student matters. A quotion from the holy book says Oppression makes a wise man mad. He is already traumatized, hence the exhibition of on called for act when he heard of extra one year in school. The deed is done, but a lesser punishment of stepped his academic down by one-year is enough. He will learn his lesson and the woman too would learn her lesson that she is an employee not employer. However I disagree with with uncle Joe, the decision will lead to breeding more criminals in the society rather reducing it. Thank you

  16. The boy needs help. Been in a nigerian remand or detention for two months is a traumatic experience. He shd be assisted and guide towards doing the right thing. Let’s our actions not bar him further to act in another brutal case. Hi
    s action towards his lecturer is very bad but still a lot can be done to avert further future havoc.

  17. It may sound bad in the eyes of people but we should equally look at the other side of the case, put ourselves in the position of the poor student who has gone through some untold hardship for what he didn’t do. The best way to address the issue would have being to arrange a make up for him since the semester has not close and this case would have been resolved within the confined of the lecturer.

  18. Must Joe Igbokwe comment on everything?
    How come he would use every. Opportunity to launder himself on the public scale unmerited social relevance.
    One would think that the clogged and dirty drainage channels in Lagos State would have be sufficient enough to keep him busy.
    Haha, Joe, this kind busy body never do?

  19. The boy has no moral upbringing and for someone who is expected to enter into employment soon behaving like this does not deserve pardon. I understand how frustrating it could be in school but this is not a case of motherly love or care. The policy is not designed by the female lecturer. A little bit of patience, one yearbwoupd suddenly drift away.

    The boy should go to Niger republic of Togo tonseek admission.
    If it were his mother treated this way, how would he feel….

    He deserves expulsion.

  20. well my point here is that the did has been done and is not easily reversible, let every higher institution pen this point down that a form has to be given to every student fresher or returning to fill like an agreement between the student and board of education in Nigeria “That during my time of studying in this school if been granted an admission that in no form should I raise my hand upon any lecturer if I do so let the school take my case up to Educational Management Board and no higher institution should grant me admission and if I also graduate maybe during my youth service tries such let them withdraw me from my NYSC and destroy my Educational document” the student should sign and also take it to his parents or guardian to sign and also allow his pastor or imam to sign along side address. Thank you. Then for the young man that 1yr he refused to go he has to go now for 2yrs after then this form above should be given to him to fill and as he is going for the 2yrs seat at home his school should block 🚫 him the access into his school portal till he returns. Thank you all

  21. Anyway, it’s a good suggestion….The boy will then become a killer and kill Joe, wife, daughters, sons, relative and all Joe igbokwe’s and the likes…….

  22. Some people are talking as if they don’t know what is happening in our universities. Is it not in this country that people who kill and waste innocent lives are pardon and even given a federal government job. They are even celebrating them like heroes. Can you compare the two crimes. The guy should be pardon

  23. I didn’t expect anything less from Joe Igbokwe who will not hesitate to destroy a frustrated youth.In as much as I know that d student didn’t do well by beating up a female Lecturer depriving him of d opportunity of completing his education is worse as this will frustrate him more and even lead to Suicide.Presently Nigeria is full of stresses ranging from insecurity to hunger as a result of inflation and d society lacks Empathy, Forgiveness,Mercy,Love and Compassion. Let all of us cultivate these Sterling qualities that make us Human beings and not Monsters in government, workplaces and our homes.Our youths need Mentors and not wicked leaders for a better Nigeria.

  24. Am not surprised that Joe Igboke reacted that because we kwow him.I blamed the guy for not controlling his anger..It isca know fact that most of our female lecturers are arrogant.It can be painful for somebody vto order you out of the office when you need help from that person.. The lecture I guess should learn how to also respect students cause they are also human being.we know how they behaved when we were in school .As for Joe that suggestion is bad and senseless

  25. It is unacceptable that the student beat the lecturer but we should realise that many lecturers in recent time, do not act professionally. Instead of assisting students to solve problems when they approach them, they don’t rather they shout at them.
    The University should review the purnishment , ask the student to repeat one year, apologize to the lecturer and ensure that he goes for counselling . With this he will become a better person .

  26. It is unfortunate that the young man suffered injustice if his story is true but the judge who gave judgment may have found out that the young man was actually attempting to steal. But for the lecturer I don’t think she should be blamed if she did not ask for another thing other than to apply the rules of the institution and her option for the young man was for the best interest of both herself and the young man. Our problem in Nigeria is that we always like to cut corners even to our own detriment. We should be fair in all our dealing. If the student’s request was granted to skip the industrial work experience how will he gain the required experience? That is part of how institutions turn out half baked graduates. If the lecturer decided to go out of her way to grant the request and eventually it was discovered what will be her faith in her career? But for Mr Joe Igbokwe, I think his suggestion is to the extreme. His suggestion amount to death sentence for the young man, maybe he does not believe in the principle of restitution. For the young man he should know that high temperament often result in regrets and humility pays. God bless all of us.

  27. The lunatic boy that beats up a female lecturer should be prosecuted aside being rusticated and banished from any university in Nigeria.
    Lack of adequate punishment has been the reason for our descent into the absurd world in this country. Let everyone that does a crime, do the term. When that happens, sanity will return to the country.

  28. Huunnmmmm, we should all fear God in all our dealings. We should also remember that we all commit one error or the other at a point in time and we should always give ourselves second chance to mend our ways. For Joe to have taken such decision left much to be desired. Joe should remember he is not God.

  29. Joe igbokwe, not minding that the boy is wrong from the story i read, what is the purnishment for beating a lecturer? If none then one should be put in place. We should desist from acting the bully or barrel leadership. In a civilized society you dont give penalty on instinct but on law if not you purnish 2 people differently for the same crime.
    Finally, the boy is wrongly accused for attempting to steal a car without evidence and detained for 2 months which has keft the poor boy frustrated, tormented and feel less than a human. This also points to the way our police and society work.
    What a nonsense

  30. Parents send their children to school to learn, not just 2+2=4 alone, moral teaching is inclusive while teachers took up the teaching profession to change illitrate to litrate Wich is beyond read and write let go back to history of Oyenusi the notorious criminal, Anini and the likes of them, in conclusion it’s always better and rewarding to pay evils with kindness pls unilorin let endeavour to biuld enabling society

  31. Objectivity is necessary here, the comments above clearly reveal the groups each commentator belongs to: students and their sympathizers vs lecturers and their sympathizers. My submission is that the university rules and regulations should be applied, not Igbokwe’s, of course you should know that no University rule will support continuing with such a student. The lecturer should also be punished or rewarded using the same rules and regulations. People should learn to control their emotions anywhere anytime.

  32. The guy was wrong beating the lecturer. But one question I want to ask the lecturer is this: Assuming the guy was her son, her brother, or ward, would she have stipulated the one year repeat. I wish to plead on most lecturers in the higher institutions to aways see the students as their own children. They should know that the parents of most students are passing through tough labours to afford the school

    Fees and upkeeps money.

  33. Kindly, the lecture to find a place in her heart to forgive him ,so also the school management. He did not intentionally did what he did, I believe his thought took him far back to the stress his parents went through to bring him to this level so far. Besides what’s the assurance for him to repeat a year.and still be meaningful to this same parents of his that he’s considering having put into consideration the direction we found ourselves in this country today. This factors are enough to trigger him at this youthful age. The remedy here is for the school management to invite the parents and punish him in there present and that’ll serve as deterrent to other students.

    1. I regret the boy’s rude treatment to the female lecturer. However, I plead with the university management to temper justice with mercy and forgive him. To serve as deterrent to others, his graduation should be delayed with one academic year. I also urge the female lecturer, as a good mother to pls find a place in her heart to forgive him. To Mr Joe Igbokwe, you didn’t speak as a real Father. You didn’t consider what the parents of this Young Man has gone through to see him up to this level. Always think wisely before you respond to certain issues.

  34. The boy should be reconsidered. Some are small gods if you have experienced it you will understand. The lecturer should have sat him down and find a way to manage the situation. It’s possible that she spoke rudely with him despite what he has passed through innocently. You can imagine the years spent in school couple with stricks. He should carry over the course and be punished for that action but for expelling or admission should not be granted to him in Nigeria as suggested by Mr Joe Igbokwe is not wise. How I wish it was his child

  35. He can still turned a new leaf, a punishment equivalent to his committed offense should be given. His life shouldn’t be ruined completely.

  36. You cannot use wrong to correct wrong. A lecturer frustrated me like that when in University it only takes. GOD wisdom to deal with such people. I don’t encourage any student to disrespect his or her lecturer let alone beating them but we lecturers should be friendly with our student as well play role of father and mother over them. Joei is nothing but a rog… They commit more of atrocities than these youths they condemn. May God help us. Student today will become lecturer tomorrow, so we should take things easy with them. Active Teacher will be inactive someday while the student takes his position. Let us all trade gently and also remember law of karma.

  37. Beating a lecturer is very wrong and unacceptable. But let’s also know that there can be no smoke without fire: who knows the manner with which the woman responded to that student. Remember, tonation of a word changes the meaning of the word. When the youths are being blamed from every quarter, do we pause and check whether we are the ones radicalizing them? How can a leader like Joe ibokwe be playing the saint when he knows deep down his heart that he is not altogether righteous. He is suggesting total destruction of that boy’s career today without considering the negative result of that on the boy in relation to the society. My take: discipline him and give him room for a more responsible life. Rework on the lecturers so they can be better builders of a fulfilled future.
    Joe ibokwe is not fit for leadership if not that Nigeria politics doesn’t consider merits

  38. I agree, in my university almost all, right from orientation down to lecture halls everyone is telling us that is not only academics that earn you certificate but academics and character.

  39. He is right. Young people must learn to control their emotions. The lady was not the cause of his problems. He needed her to donhom a favor but can’t convince her. So why vent his angry on her.

  40. Paul, so going to beat s female teacher is the right thing to do because he was frustrated? I wonder where ur generation enamated. Our generation would have to seek assistance from the VC to intervene, not turn to s thug. I wholeheartedly support oga Ibokwe stand.

  41. What happened to the boy wasn’t fair and at times life is not fair to some. Some will have it on a plater of gold while some have it in a difficult way. I would have love to hear from the lecturer how she addressed the boy issue. Your student that come to you with a problem cannot just be sent away like that. You have to show empathy. Direct him to his hod or course adviser to reasons with him and sympathize with him that what happened to him is not the end of the road and convinced him to take the siwes the following semester or session even though it will cost him having extra year but that does not stop him to fulfilled his purpose in life. Lecturers don’t add to the pain of students but manage them with encouraging words. What he did to the lecturer was very bad and no justification for it but the boy can be suspended for one year with the apology letter to the lecturer and school management and give him loving counsel.
    For Ibokwe and other leaders of this country like him they should stop killing the youths of this country. They should play the roles of loving fathers and mothers to the Nigerian youths. They will answer for their errors in the day of reckoning.
    It was a pity that the boy allowed his emotion to get the better side of him by raising his hand on his lecturer but just imagine if he didn’t do that but left the lecturer office quietly and commit suicide, by now we will be blaming the lecturer. Many students had committed suicide in the past because of unfair life to them but thank God he didn’t do that. So let the university decides his faith and temper justice with mercy.
    Thank you.

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