I Said What I Said In The Past And I’m Saying What I’m Saying Now, There Is Nothing You Can Do – Deji

A well known human rights activist, Adeyanju Deji has once again spoken. This time around he took out his time to reply those who have been attacking him for criticising President Buhari’s government after supporting them before the 2015 presidential election.

According to a post he made on his verified Facebook page, Deji made it clear that he said what he said in the past and that he is saying what he is saying now, making it known that there is nothing anyone can do about it.

It should be recalled that prior to the 2015 general election, Adeyanju Deji was among those who criticised the then PDP government, but as it stands now, the reverse is the case.

So as long as am concerned, I don’t think that there is any reason why anyone should attack Adeyanju Deji, because he has the right to support or criticise anyone or any political party, any time or any day.

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  • Most of us are guilty of the same thing. We we’re practically devieved to believe that Buhari has the answer to the security challenge’s been faced by GEJ, prior to 2015. Buhari’s government is a fraud and decietful in all ramifications. This better about my own situation. I can also be inspired by their faith: no matter the odds against them, God was with them and they were with God. They never forgot who gave them everything. Life is never going to be perfect; we will always have our moments of anxiety and doubt. With a strong faith in God, we will bounce back faster, stronger, and more determined, and we will be less able to forget all that God has given us. the government that promised heaven on Earth. Nigeria today, is worst than ever. This government of Buhari has taken us 30yrs backward. It will take a miracle to revive the economy of this country if it hasn’t divide….courtesy of Buhari.

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