Dear Men, How To Know If Your Performance In Bed Satisfies Your Wife

One of the duties a man must perform in a relationship is to satisfy his woman.

Physical intimacy is very important in marriage.

It was created by God to strengthen the love and faithfulness between husband and wife. This is something that both partners must never deny each other in marriage.

There are times you want to be convinced that your wife enjoyed your performance.

You will notice that your wife feels very closer to you emotionally.

The emotional connection between you becomes stronger after having physical intimacy. That means she’s satisfied.

You will notice she’s feeling happier with you.

She doesn’t reserve any complaints about your performance, even when you ask her, she smiles and tells you that she loves it.

Immediately after having physical intimacy, she holds you close and says thank you. She may feel weak or sleepy.

She’s usually the first person to ask for it, even when you are not in the mood for it.

If you both plan to have physical intimacy at a particular time, she’s usually the first to remind you about it.

That means she likes you and enjoys every bit of her time with you.

You will also notice that the respect she has for you increases after having physical intimacy.

She cares for you and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to your health.

She wants your body to always be in good health. She wants you to eat a balanced diet because she knows that your body means a lot to her.

She’s a little jealous when she sees you talking to another woman.

She doesn’t want to see another woman get too intimate with you.

She tries to avoid sharing you with any other woman.

She has that mentality of protecting her property so that another woman won’t take you away from her.

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