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Babajide Reacts To News Of Pastor Suleman Getting Sued, Reveals What Pastor Should Have Done

Ace Nigerian Journalist, Babajide Kolade Otitoju, has reacted to the news that a Youtuber sued Apostle Johnson Suleman. Babajide addressed the development during his interview on TVC News.

You might have heard that the General Overseer (GO) of Omega Fire Ministries International had issues with a content creator over a video of ‘miracle money’. The Youtuber has since taken legal action after a series of events.

Reacting to the development, Babajide said, “There are excesses such as Clerics promising things that we know are false. People reserve the right to criticize them. If someone criticizes your methods, you can not harass and detain such a person. I support the idea of this fellow going to court so the security officers can learn from this. Big people have been oppressing the weak in our country for too long by using security officers. How do we build a country we can be proud of if you can hardly get justice against a big man in our country?”

Stating what the clergyman should have done, he said, “All that Pastor Suleman needed to do was to explain himself and check himself in the mirror while trying to make changes. It is wrong to harass someone to prevent other people from criticizing you when they have reasons to do so.”

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