Angry Man Allegedly Killed His Wife And Two Kids Over $1

A Zimbabwe man from Woodlands Park residential area went berserk and murdered his wife and two kids in cold blood in a bizarre incident which left the community shell-shocked Tuesday afternoon.

The man, identified as Leo Kanyimo, had an altercation with his wife over a US$1 note she had used to buy jiggies snacks for their kids.

One of the children is lucky to be alive after he was snatched away by neighbours who had to hide him during the raged attack.

It is also reported that the man left other people who tried to intervene severely injured.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident saying: “Investigations are currently underway and our police officers are still compiling information but was yet to get full information.”

Allegations are that the Manyimo used a knife and an axe to mutilate his victims.

It is said that his eldest son escaped death after being hidden by neighbours.

As he was trying to locate him that’s when neighbours mobbed up and restrained him, before tying him up with ropes.

Police were called in he was taken into custody, sources say.

Information gathered by this publication is that the man acted like a possessed person and was seen walking dangling one of his toddlers while inserting his fingers in his mouth before he fatally attacked him with an axe handle on the head.

“He killed one of the kids and wife in the house and followed his youngest child who is almost two years, I think and bashed him with an axe handle on the road,” said one of the sources close to the incident.

Some of the messages which have gone viral state that the man was speaking in an unknown language acting like he was possessed.

Reports say prior to the attack his wife managed to open the window and called for help but lucky was not on her side.

“He opened the kitchen door and grabbed their youngest child and cut him up with a knife and threw him onto the road before finishing him off with an axe handle.”

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