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I Met Her at NYSC and I Spent all My Allowance on her but She is getting Marry to Another Guy- Man Laments

I met a girl at NYSC camp, and I spent most of my monthly allowance on her, but she left me for her Ex-boyfriend after our NYSC service year.

I served in Ibadan, Oyo State. I met a young lady during our orientation camp. Her name is Olamide, She was a graduate of Lagos State University. We are in the same platoon 4 and I collected her phone contact during the orientation camp but I didn’t use to talk to her.

We were all deployed to our primary place of Assignment after the orientation camp. Her location is very close to mine, and we started talking on Facebook, I talked to her about my feelings for her, and she accepted for me. She told me about her past relationship and how her Ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her close friend.

I love her so much, I used to travel from my PPA to her own PPA every weekend, I spent most of my money on her to make her forget her Ex-boyfriend. I always satisfied her in all aspects to the extent of spending all my monthly allowance to buy her food stuffs anytime I was going to her place.

After our service year, she relocated back to Lagos, I relocated with her, because I’m from a nearby state. Thank God, I got Employed in one of Nigeria banks and I don’t used to have time to spend with her because I used to go to work every time.

One day, she called me and boldly told me that she wanted to marry her Ex-boyfriend, I begged her, but she refused, I had to let her go.

I want young graduates to learn from my mistakes, please, any lady you meet during NYSC year, don’t take her serious, most of them just want to pass away time. Just enjoy yourself with her, if that is what she wants from you. If she truly wants to marry you, make sure you do the wedding before you start spending on her.


  1. Well,thank God you are advising people like you who is in love with a lady that is not in love with him. Anyway you just paid for your stupidity.
    Cheer up man and continue with life

  2. You want to marry Lagos girl.hmmm, who you be, how many years of experience do you have with girls.You have to be extra smart to date a lagosian.Now you know better. Dem no send you ooo. Were LA fi nwo were leko ooo.eko o gba gbere rara oo

  3. U are only shout for money u spent on her, have u check your self for infection, cos I believe u only pay for her services rendered during all ur weekends visitngs.

  4. It didn’t favor u doesn’t mean that all girls are thesame, so that which did not favor u might favor others ,there are still good girls out there ,u just have to learn from ur mistake .

  5. Thank God she never ask you to build a douplex for her parents b4. thinking of marriage,we we it’s a lesson , don’t worry the one they have spent more than you did will come your way, just keep being good,it pays & paves ways for your tomorrow, they will always think of your good Will’s,,very soon when she gets stocked she will call you again for help, please do,it prevents on none dangers , being the best to run away ladies keeps you up there, love you dearly,2022-06-24th is your wedding day , Congratulations in advance, cheers and do have a blissful season of the Yuletide.

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