Why APC Governors Move Against Tinubu, Force Buhari To Endorse One Of Them As Presidential Candidate

The ruling All Progressives Progress, APC has started preparations ahead of its National Convention which will take place in February.

But many of them are already looking beyond the National Convention and the politics is all about who will get the 2023 presidential ticket.

Former Lagos State Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu has started making moves to actualize his ambition.

Also, the APC Governors are on the move against Tinubu ahead of the 2023 Presidential election. This is as the force President Buhari to endorse their plan. 

These will form the basis of our discussion in this 

Why do APC Governors move against Tinubu?

The Progressives Governors are closely watching the activities of the PDP as it concerns the 2023 presidential election and have refused to watch as the likes of Tinubu strategize to grab the 2023 presidential ticket. 

In the PDP, the Governors are strong and largely decide what happens in the party. The APC Governors understand this and want to toe the same line. They want a Governor to emerge as the 2023 presidential candidate of the party Sun newspaper states. This is a clear move to stop Tinubu who wants to grab the Presidential ticket of the party.

The Chairman of the APC Governors Forum and Kebbi State Governor, Abubakar Bagudu is a strong ally of President Buhari. He is also very close to the Attorney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami.

Malami who some see as a cabal in Buhari’s government is from the same Kebbi State as Bagudu. Also, Bagudu, Buni, and Badaru are 3 top Northern Governors who some people accuse of being the cabals in the APC Governors Forum.

However, while a very few Governors are working for Tinubu to emerge as the Presidential candidate, many of them are lobbying and strategizing including working with cabals in the Presidency to stop him to ensure that one of them becomes the flag bearer.

The belief that the likes of Tinubu can win the election for the party appears not to be moving the majority of these Governors who believe they have the capacity to deliver their states especially in the North where the party is very strong.

For now, there are no names on the minds of the majority of the APC Governors but there are speculations that a sitting Governor in the South-West who is not in Tinubu’s camp and is also influential among the APC Governors is being projected to get the ticket and may show up after the National Convention of the party. 

Forcing Buhari to endorse their plan 

The APC Governors know that the blessing of Buhari is highly needed to go ahead with their plans.

They cannot force the President to agree with them but can give him reasons and it is left for the President to say yes or no. But the interesting here is that Bagudu, Buni, and Badaru who are top APC Governors from the North are close to the President.

They are also influential in the Northern APC. However, we watch to see how these APC Governors will actualize their plan.


  1. Tinubu sacrificed a lot to make buhari president and this is pay back time. Do otherwise and see buhari be the first and last APC president. Mark my word.

  2. When someone regurgitates his inward prayers and personal opinion and presents it as a verified information for public consumption, such a person is either a pathological lier, a hired rabble rouser or a professional anarchist willing to ignite an unquenchable fire of resentments and confusion among a cordially organized and united people. The PDP agents have developed a potent armoury of destructive political explosives to be thrown into the United camp if the APC which are aimed at scattering the fold of the strong ruling party and break their very loose bonds towards the 2023 general election, and one of them is what this malicious blogger has just deployed. The APC will be the most unfirtified giant in African democracy if the party fails to quickly deploy its own anti-missile artilleries to counter this form of noxious stings from the enemies right from this stage, for many more are still coming. The APC needs to strenghten all its internal mechanisms now and defends itself against the incursions by the enemies if the party wants to remain relevant beyond 2023

  3. What this country needs is pure change, not just change,we have change that put us in borrow, and we need change that will pay the borrowed immidiately,apc after 2023 will not have a chance to pay but to borrow money,God please come into this matter before this country will be beried

  4. It doesn’t matter, bihari is not the one to make him president, rather the people. He Tinubu will struggle in vain, he is only dreaming a barren dream.

  5. If anybody showcases as a presidential candidate under APC, he had made a blunder even if, he is the taste of the people. Because the party has lost its dignity. APC disappointed Nigerians and is still worsening every day., The government and APC are putting salt in our wounds, wounds caused by APC.

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