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“Believers Who Pray ‘Die-By-Fire’ Prayers Are Witches” -Pastor Abel Damina Says, Gives Reason

Pastor Abel Damina, the Senior Pastor & Founder of Abel Damina Ministry and Power City International who is well-known for teaching the Gospel of Christ with great revelations and bringing correction to the body Christ answered a question that was thrown at him regarding how a believer should pray when oppressed. Well, read carefully to ascertain the Pastor’s answer.

Question: “Papa is it right for a believer to pray violet prayers and sing spiritual songs when he or she feels he’s been oppressed?”

Dr. Abel Damina: “That is not prayer, that is witchcraft, that is incantation, that is enchantment. All those things are wicked things; it is not of the spirit of God.

“That was the same thing James and John asked Jesus Christ saying, ‘should we command fire to come down and consume people as Elijah did?’ They even had a reference but Jesus rebuked them and told them to stop that, ‘you know not what manner of spirit you are of. The Son of man has not come to destroy men’s life but to save them”.

Dr. Abel Damina concluded by saying, “Our prayers should always be filled with Grace, filled with Love because love never fails.”


  1. This man has been so ignorant about the scriptures. It is a pity because violent prayers are not directed at persons but at the forces of darkness. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Depression and oppression come from the devil. The spirits and the powers of darkness behind these attacks are what only violent and aggressive prayers can overcome. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and has committed to us that same work through violent prayers because the dark places of the earth are full of habitation of cruelty. Psalm 74:20. 1John3:8, Ephesians 6:10-12; Luke 10:19; Luke19:27; Matthew 11:12.

  2. But spirit and the devil don’t die. It is a mistake many of us have done ignorantly.

    Truth be told. Many of the people who pray this prayer have wicked neighbor, uncle, mother, father etc at heart.

  3. If the scriptures says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but the spirit of the dark world, is this is not a violent prayers ???
    Eph. 6:10-12, Pastor please re the scriptures and gives the consuming public the right interpretation please, please, Man of God.

  4. Wrestle is the word that has kept many christians confused about this scripture, the battle is flesh and blood thing, the “wrestle”should not jeopardize the inward faith that conveys the prayer, Elisha blinded the Aramian Soldiers by just asking the father for that 2kings7 and he went about his business believing that it is done, in one of the N/T scriptures the Bible said that his voice will not be heard in the street neither shall he break any Reed so die-by-fire is not the ultimate.

  5. Yes, spirit does not die and death in usage in the present world is not the actual death which is the second death according to the book of Revelations.
    Death in the present world or usage means total separation for an example, when you lost a love ones to death, the person has not yet die a final death which is reserved for sinners in the pit of hell fire while those judged to be righteous will march on to eternal life in heaven.
    So now when you say a spirit should die what you meant is that the spirit and its agents should separate from your life and never to come back. The spirit may continue its atrocities elsewhere, but in your own life it has died.

  6. God bless you for this explicit reply. Our beloved Pastor should stop criticising people and how they exercise their faith! Preach Jesus Christ and leave the rest to God! Stop condemning your co preachers! No one is an Island of knowledge.
    God bless you all

  7. Pls let’s stop criticism so that we become united to preach the real gospel and reduce the candidates of hell fire

  8. Thank you my dear brother. You finish talk. Some people don’t have understanding of the scripture.

  9. Death means to stop functioning.When u tell spirits to die,u r simply saying STOP FUNCTION IN MY FIRE.
    Also wen u tell demons to die u r tormenting them, they will come out of their hiding.
    They can also go back to d sender wen u command them to die.

  10. Jesus Christ himself said, “Repent or perish”. He is talking to STUBBORN sinners. The “perish” here means die & go to hell. So prayers to die for enemies (wicked people) that will not repent is biblical, only give them chance to repent.

  11. what the word of God ask u to do is for u to preach his gospel, stop beating around the bush pastor, u are a pastor but u lack the word of spirit (blinded man of God)

  12. how many people actually die through die by fire… let’s study the word of God for our selves.. know God for your self

  13. Christ him-self was crucified by enemies and he forgives them still preached forgiveness to them that offend him,count the apostles almost all of them die in hands of enemies and them give too pls remember our lord prayers I rest my case.

  14. I appreciate your difficulty to unlearn this heretical prayer that has been in Vogue this past 3 decades or so.Surely it sounds like from the pit of hell , shouldn’t be associated with followers of Jesus the Christ. Don’t just justify it with mere semantics , just search your conscience when you pray that way you just wish you imagined enemy dead one time.Christains are not Jihadists.

  15. We need to choose our words carefully, Wisdom of God is needed here. From Genesis to revelation is a coded language you shall always need a decoder. This called for serious or right division of the Word. The Bible, Scriptures and the Word are not the same. Again, you can a minister preaching the law, the prophet without preaching the Wisdom of God. However, Christ shall forever be the Power and the Wisdom of God. Psalm 103: 7 People only know the deeds of God thinking that is the way. Seek God more.

  16. MOG….!!!👏❣️🙏 You have said it all no more no less.
    “BELIEVERS” in quote began when left so, for the entire life spent on He didn’t kill anyone…. likewise He didn’t sent us to kill or destroy any life rather to save LIVES.
    Thank you so much MOG…COS you have said what the spirit of God is telling me informed the whole world… once God will continue to uphold you in all ur ways

  17. Intact, his an etheist. Skeptism has eluded him.

    I will advise him to know the meaning of this phrase in the bible means. *FROM THE DAY OF JOHN THE BAPTIST*

  18. It appears you are also mislead, return to the Lord’s prayer and show me that kind of violent prayer from the content, Christianity is born out of love and not curiosity and vengeance, first of all make your way right with God then all those whom you call your enemies will be at peace with you,die by fire where is the fir e coming from, or are you also in the caliber of person say Holy Ghost has fire, brother , read your bible well, okay

  19. On the cross, Christ’s prayers for forgiveness was for the Romans that crucified him, not the Jews & the leaders that consented to his death. In AD 70, the Jewish Nation was completely destroyed until 1948. Those against fire prayers against stubborn wicked/witches are witches themselves, hence their sympathy for them.In lsaiah, the Bible says “”Say unto the wicked, it shall not be well with them” Jesus many times pronounced “woe” unto the Pharisees. He also to the sinner said “repent or perish, ie go to hell”. Any one sympathizing with a stubborn witch must be a witch. Instead of criticising prayers of “fire against the witches, particularly stubborn wicked/witches”, preach to them to repent.

  20. Jesus seemed to have antagonized the prists and the pharisees. Then the truth (The Gospel)came out clear.Dont fear criticism but examine it with open and liberal mind.

  21. Prayer is communing with God depending on the circumstance one finds himself or herself. There is no specific pattern. Take Psalms 35 and 109. These are prayers. You can’t expect the person who lost his entire house hold in an accident to pray the same way as the person who just landed a big contract.

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