My Girlfriend Cheated With a Married Man and His Wife Beat Her Up- Man Reveals

When they say God works in mysterious ways they mean this event, such a sad and beautiful story.

So on Twitter someone asked a question “What are you happy about today?”

And one clearly Happy husband was not going to let the opportunity to celebrate pass him by.

He said “i am happy because my girl cheated on me and the wife of the man she cheated with beat her up” and twitter people went on to congratulate and celebrate the good news with him.

Tell the wife that beat her ass that she’s doing amazing serve a living God my brother. Gotta stick together as Brothers against such since Black men don’t cheat.

Overheard two customers who happened to be two white men, laughing over something on the internet “my girl cheated on me with a married man and his wife beat her up” they found it hilarious, I’m here wondering why the wife beat the girl and not her cheating husband 

What can you say to this?

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