I’m Finished; I Slept With My Driver To Give My Husband A Child And Also To Save My Marriage- Woman Laments

This is my life’s story: I am not a free woman. I’m just a wife who adores her spouse and doesn’t want to lose him. I did what I needed to do to safeguard my marriage, no matter how horrible I felt at the moment. Despite how difficult it was, I slept with my driver to give my husband a child, and God blessed me with twins, a boy and a girl.

When Philip and I split, we had been married for eight years. At the time, we didn’t have a child. Worse yet, I was never more than a day pregnant. His mother became so upset that she started breathing down my neck, restricting my breathing. She came in with us and made it difficult for me to enjoy my matrimonial house.

Because she had to insult me, I was unable to drink water and dropped the cup. She eventually stopped eating my meals, believing that it was my responsibility to feed my children, not hers, for them to grow well and strong.

Monica, if you have children, you must feed them all of these foods for them to grow healthy and strong. I’m getting old and no longer require all of this rubbish you call food. She would always yell, “Take them away and give me grandkids!”

I could still hear her insults in my head after she had left, so I decided to take a chance and seduce and sleep with our driver. My mother-in-law had ceased speaking to me before that, and now she only speaks to me when she wants to humiliate me and remind me of my insignificance as a woman. Philip and I are so in love that despite his mother’s best efforts to persuade me to leave him, he stood by me.

We saw many professionals, all of whom gave us the green light on our health. I’ve gone to churches, held vigils, and even fasted for days in the hopes of becoming pregnant, so my mother-in-law would stop humiliating me, but to no avail. I eventually stopped leaving my room after it became clear that my mother-in-law had threatened to drive me out of her son’s house.

Because I was afraid of his mother confronting me, I mostly remained in my room and sobbed, prayed, assumed, and then fell asleep. “Because you don’t have any children, you don’t need any house help,” she explained, “so stop wasting my son’s hard-earned money and take care of your house yourself.”

Because there were only the three of us at home, I was afraid to, even when I heard her voice from afar. My husband requests me to leave the room regularly, which frustrates him greatly, especially when I refuse because I want to avoid facing his mother. Philip literally threw her out of the house when her problems became too much for him to bear, all for making me feel safe and secure in my own home.

Oliver, the driver, is a late-twenties young man. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate who decided to become a truck driver because he couldn’t find a job that paid well enough. I offered to find him a great job if he only slept with me once, but I never explained why. Oliver, on the other hand, mistook me for someone who was planning an affair with my sweetheart.

Although it was tough to sleep with another man, I timed it to coincide with my ovulation to become pregnant.

I understood I was betraying my husband, but I saw it as an unavoidable consequence.

I found out I was pregnant after a month. So, as promised, I found Oliver a work at a friend’s firm, where he began to earn a decent wage. Philip was ecstatic when I told him I was expecting.

Sweetheart, I confided, “God has finally answered our prayers; I’m expecting a child.”

He informed his mother when he learned I was five months pregnant, and she returned to the house right away. She looked after me and treated me like a baby. My mother-in-law was adamant about getting a scan, which I vehemently opposed. I found out I was having twins, a boy and a girl, when I finally got the scan.

My mother-in-law and husband were overjoyed, and I was as well. “Thank you, God,” I grumbled, “for blessing me with a set of twins after eight years of barrenness.” The daughter was sick for a period after the twins were delivered. After multiple treatments, she took a long time to fully recover, which worried me.

Because I expected Philip to interrogate me, I wished for the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Much to my surprise, he didn’t. “Sweetheart, let’s go home,” he simply said. We’ve had a hard day, and you and my kids are both exhausted.”

He grasped my hand three months later and said, “Monica, don’t be afraid.” I’m not interested in finding out who the twins’ father is. I know you did everything you could to save our marriage, and I greatly admire you. In the same manner, I promise to always adore you and my children. Not only that, but I swear I’ll keep it between us a secret. Sweetheart, I admire you. I’m certain we’ll have kids someday.”

As he brushed my tears away with his hands, I cried. Similarly, I know what I did was wrong, but all that matters is that my mother-in-law was pleased with me. Even though everyone looks to be pleased, I am ashamed of the fact that I achieved my aim by using an innocent man. But, before you pass judgment on me, put yourself in my position and consider what you would do in my situation.


  1. Well, since the husband accepted & he knows he can’t impregnate his wife, no problem. 2ndly, they’ve decided to keep it within themselves & the wife should be very careful bc @ times is the woman that can cunningly abuse the husband within little provocation as per this situation.

    1. U were not the one that have problems. It is ur husband if u have been sleeping with him &nothing happened, then u only once set with ur driver & get pregnant then the man should check himself

  2. They have gone for adoption instead sleeping with the driver. Well since her husband knew what happened and did not react to it. Madam my advice to you is that, do not cause what revisit the secret btw you and your hubby. He is an understanding man play along with him to keep it secret as he had told you.

  3. When one of the spouses is infertile, the option in my case is to let the fertile one get a kid from a friend or relative and keep it as a secret.
    My observation is that adopted kids bring about challenges to the surrogate parents. Imagine that mother who threw a newborn in a dustbin, latrine or along the road. Is she mentally sound? You might adopt a kid with abnormalities and live to regret. Once you adopt you cannot return.
    Women and men wacha wivu. Allow your spouse on agreement to get a kid one or two with somebody and they will respect you as the mother or father as long as you treat them as your own biological kids.
    Am against adoption for a couple because the fertile spouse lives with bitterness why he /she could not get his own and he / she capable.
    Many couples that have adopted if they could talk the truth, they will tell you it is not easy.

  4. Its a serious matter. However,since your husband suspected with disagreeing, your matter is settled. But for judgement not to fall on your head alone in future,tell your husband the truth. If he promised keeping your deed,good luck.

  5. Trying to help yourself in absolutely God,s work is wrong, the problems sons and daughters of people like you are into today are caused by their mothers To start my comment you are not sincere in your marriage your story is edited to suit you
    What happened after ill-gotten twin of yours please confess your sins and returned the children to their biological father as restitution so that your husband find solutions to his problem now he is still very young

  6. It’s unfortunate that her husband accepted what happened. If you know that you cannot impregnate a womsn, the only thing to do is to keep away from marriage. How will you fill if your mother carry any of the child as her son’s children, While in reality they are not? I will prefare to stay for seventy years without a wife than carter for someone children in the name of my own.

  7. Honestly i Pity this woman to have taken the risk that eventually paid off.
    Madam needs to be extra careful as not to abuse the confidence of her husband ?
    On the other hand I hope the young man will not come up one day to claim his child or chlidren? And hope madam has not made the mistake allowing him to know that their coming together has brought a good result?.
    Madam please never betray this man. Your actions and inaction will prove other wise with time.
    Remain submissive, loving,, & caring. Secret must remain secret at all cost and by all means.
    May God protect u all.

  8. Sorry madam marriage looks unique meaning that when you are married you have to bear your own child or adopt from relative but you don’t go that way to protect you marriage only.

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