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How Muslims Stop Christains From Laying Church Foundation at Iwo Local Gov. Secretariat

Iwo Local Government Secretariat is a Government Property and all the lands Inside the Secretariat belong to the State Government of Osun. The Secretariat has a big central mosque for Muslims and Christians in Iwo town have been fighting to have a church Inside the Secretariat to balance the equation. Anytime they tried to Start laying church foundation inside the Secretariat, they were always stopped by the Muslim Youths since Iwo town is dominated by Muslims.

the Christains Association of Nigeria, Iwo chapter mobilized themselves to Iwo Local Government Secretariat to start laying church foundation again, but when the information reached the town. Muslim Youths in the town mobilized themselves to stop Christians from continuing working at Iwo Local Government Secretariat.

Photos: muslim Youths Stop Christians from continuing working at Iwo local government Secretariat.

Reactions have been going on social media concerned the Matter. Read Reactions from different Religious groups in Iwo town.

An Islamic organisations named Jamatul Taawun Muslimeen located at Iwo said:

“We don’t fight anybody but what we are saying is that “We don’t want Church in any of our Secretarial in Iwo”

Church foundation laying at Iwo local government has been stopped by Iwo youth.

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  1. That’s my problem with the religion,why stop another religious beliefs from building there own structure…majority of the problem we have all over the world is always having origin with this so called Islam religion.abeg make dem park well

  2. Mmmmm,there is mosque, but they don’t want church, Nigerians causing trouble for Nigerians, behaving as we are righteous but very filthy inside, pls Christians, reserve the fight for God,revenge is mine,says the Lord Almighty.

  3. My sincere prayer is that a day is coming when Muslim elders and youth in Iwo community will support the building of the church in Iwo LGA in Jesus name. Mark my prayer.

  4. Exactly are we not serving the same God…haba it’s unfair now, why stop another religion…iranse kan ki do iranse kan lowo.

  5. As Christianized as Aba in Abia State is yet there are several mosques in the city. Freedom of worship in Nigeria is absolutely necessary. The Chairman of the Local Government Area should prove that he didn’t send those Muslim youths by laying the foundation by himself. After all, many Christian politicians have built several mosques for Muslims. Let us allow peace to pervade our polities.

  6. Muslim leaders in Iwo are looking for trouble if they fail to call their youth to order. The Sectariat belong to all iwos & not to a particular religion. If there’s mosque there, a chaple should also be allowed to be built by Christian. It happened at UI some years ago when the muslims insist that they must build their mosque direct opposite the chapel & that The cross infront of the chapel must be removed. After a long debate, the cross that has been there for years was removed. No one has the molopoly of violence. You better allow the chaple now before religious war will spark. Has Iwo been declared as Islamic state on their own?

  7. Their act is never a surprise the founder of their religion was terrorist during his days on earth. Won fi Jo baba won ni

  8. The problem of Nigeria is the muslims, they are the boko haram, terrorist killing people mercilessly in the name of religion beliefs. Iwo has been a big problem in south west and here they come again with their heart less behavior. May the good Lord have mercy on them in Jesus name.

  9. Awan Christian wan yawa je nibi gbogbo ipo ijo laisepe awani wanpoju AWA Muslim Ile Yoruba lapoju sugbon ijoba o funwa letotiwa but we are coming

  10. Everythings about Islam is to attack children of God because they are slave to Christian. They are bandits, boko haram and confirmed terrorist.

  11. Actually, it is only in Nigeria that thenlas is being taking as an ass. Why stopping them from building church? After all, the Secretariat belongs to all people. That is really injustice. What the Local Government is doing,g What Oluwo is doing, what Oyetoka himself who is the Chief Security and Reporting Officer is doing? Until we come to our senses that the building has nothing to do with the matter on ground. Okay tell me, Are Pastor or let me say so-called pastor not involving in rituals, are those gigantic Imams it so-called Imams not involving in atrocities? Then why are we deceiving ourselves in the name of religion, disguising and hiding under what is not part of it. Forget not that Imam daughters and even Muslim daughter have married to Christian Brothers and vise-versa. Then what do we expect of such families. Instead of us to face what is the matter, we ignored that and chasing air. Don’t let us receive ourselves, we are THE PROBLEM OF OURSELVES. And I strongly believe that we also know that problems come from nowhere but we emmanate problems, we nurture problems, we sponsor problems, we harbour problems and these problems strongly find its way because we incubate them. We are sharpening their tooth, then who do we think they are going to be biting. UPSTAIRS MUST CALL TO ORDER

  12. They look for trouble where there is no suppose to be one. Iwo local govt existed nearing 50 years now. Because kabiyesi is confused religiously now this attracted the attention of christian community to now have a Secretariat inside the council. I see no problem with that, but the alarmist should go further; go round both primary and secondary schools in Iwo on Sunday, you will be ashamed to criticize the Muslim youths for their actions. Every classes in these schools have bn turned to Sunday churches with funny names, they are public schools yet no one raise eyebrows. Who is fooling who

  13. Thy shall not judge,christian and muslims are worship the God.
    In a real Islamic country, they also makes provisions for other religions everywhere to worship.
    But in Nigeria reverse is the case,bcos our useless leaders,which their children’s are outside the country to get good education,but destroying the poor youths with personal orientation s, claimed its part of islam.
    Islam is peace and love,just like christians.
    Bcos when i was in secondary school we all sing islamic songs and recites all their holy book together.
    But now adays nothing of such,all bcos their low mentality and selfish interest.
    May God help us Amen.

  14. You people are hypocrite and wicked is that what your Quran teaches you,if so then your god is a wrong god a devil for that matter.xhristianity teaches peace and love but your Quran teaches violence, killing of the innocence and you called that hell with u people

  15. If they call your religion terrorist religion now you go say Dem done insult una okay…. The end shall justify the means it’s well

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