Country Is Hard! How To Manage 6kg Cooking Gas for About 6 Months Before Refilling Another One

Cooking gas cylinder is a source of energy used for cooking. The gas cooking gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a colourless and odourless gas. However, a special odour has been intentionally added so that a potential leak can be detected easily.

Cooking gas is produced by refining crude oil in refineries or from natural gas and delivered to the consumers in steel tanks. Cooking gas is heavier than air due to its high density is a hydrocarbon-based combustible gas.

In this article, I will explain how you can manage 6kg cooking gas for about six months before refilling another one. Before I explain the concept behind cooking gas management, it is important to let you know the principle behind cooking gas.

When using cooking gas, some pressure in the gas cylinder will be released anytime you want to cook with your cooking gas. The intake valve will open as soon as you turn the knob of your gas cylinder. Then, the gas will flow through a tube a pipe that narrows in the middle (venturi tube). When the gas passes through the narrow section, the pressure will increase.

The pressure will release oxygen into the air hole as soon as the gas moves into the area where the pipe is big. To make the oxygen combustible, it will mix with the gas. The mixture will then flow into the gas burner and blue fame will start coming out in readiness to prepare your food.

The majority of people using cooking gas do make common mistakes, they believe that the more the knob of the cooking gas cylinder is increased, the faster their food is ready for eating. This is a wrong assumption. The assumption will rather waste your gas.

If you want to manage 6kg cooking gas for about 6 months before refilling another one, always reduce the burner of your cooking gas to its lowest level as soon as the water inside the pot reaches the boiling point. The boiling point of water can not pass 100 degrees centigrade even if you decide to increase your cooking gas cylinder burner to its highest level.

Finally, I will advise the users of cooking gas cylinders most especially those with a small number of people to try as much as possible to reduce the rate at which gas comes out through the burner from their cooking gas cylinder immediately after the water in their cooking pot reaches boiling point.

I have tried this logic times without numbers and it worked perfectly for me. Go and try it and tender your appreciation later.

Note that: The method applies to all sizes of cooking gas cylinders.

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