The Investigation Of Tinubu By EFCC Should Serve As A Stern Warning To Other Politicians

Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The chairman of the Economic Financial Crime Commission has revealed to the public that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is currently under investigation by the Commission. This announcement by EFCC has generated a lot of mixed reactions from Nigerians.

However, the basic idea of this announcement is solely to send a strong message to any politician who is intending to embezzle funds that are meant for the development of the country.

The current administration running the affairs of EFCC has taken it upon itself to penalise and go after corrupt politicians who are bent on ruining the country with their embezzlement and greediness.

Tinubu being investigated by EFCC will serve as a stern warning to others that they are not above investigation. Most Nigerians know how politically powerful Tinubu is, given that Tinubu is also the National leader of the All Progressive Congress. However, the supremacy of the law has brought him under the EFCC to be investigated.

Sadly, most of the Nigerian politicians are only after their selfish interest, hence, public funds that are meant in developing the country is being embezzled by these greedy politicians.

The only way to curtail the excesses of these greedy politicians is by going after them with the law and this is what the current EFCC administration is doing. This current EFCC administration, no matter who you’re in the Nigerian politics if you are under their radar for any slight misappropriation of funds or corruption you will be invited over for investigation.

If the EFCC continue this way, surely, the level of corruption by Nigerian politicians will reduce drastically because these greedy politicians will have it in mind that once they are caught misappropriating funds that are meant to develop the country, they will face the full wrath of the law.

The extravagances of some of our politicians are what has brought our dear country to this state of pity where the average Nigerian can barely have 3 Square meal in a day. The money that is meant for the average Nigerian is being embezzled by some greedy politicians.

Therefore, it is very commendable that the EFCC will go after any politician no matter how politically powerful that politician is. This will go a long way to serve as a stern warning to other politicians that they are not above the law and if they are caught misappropriating funds they will be dealt with accordingly.

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