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“I Hate my 2nd Born Daughter, I Can Do Anything to Keep Her Away From me, Please Help” Lady Laments (Video)

A lady by the name carol (not her real name) has confessed on an interview claiming that she hates her second born daughter and she can do anything to keep her away from her.

According to the lady, she was born in a family of three and she is the second born in her family. She claims that her parents mistreated her and this might be the cause as to why she hates her daughter.

She claims that she only loves her first and third born and she mostly provides them with anything they want but she is unable to provide for her second born daughter.

Carol claims that if it was not for how her parents treating her with so much hatred while she was growing up, maybe she could be treating her daughter well.

Carol feels bad for whatever she has been making her daughter go through but she cannot help it and now she needs advice and that’s why she has finally decided to confess.

Watch Video Below:

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  1. Demons took the opportunity of your experience with your parents to oppress you. They are the ones causing animosity between you and your second daughter, making you to believe its normal. But by the spirit of God and the power in the name of Jesus Christ, I cast of every demon of hatred in your life and family, and I declare you completely free in Jesus Christ name I pray.
    I declare that the spirit of love is restored in your life and family… Jesus Christ name.


  2. Plzz have equal love equal attention en pray 2gether en ull find no pros with ur own daughter tat z blood same family treat well

  3. It’s not your fault but you can do something to help the situation…. And what I think you should do is to confess that to her. But that day what you should do is to take her out buy something beautiful to he . Then tell her what you discover between both of you , that whenever you want to show her love something else will take over you , that she should pls help you to overcome by reminding you of this confession any time you treat her bad … And also tell the other ones to always stand for there sister anytime anytime they noticed paciality so she can feel Loved ,

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