Last Time They Shared N10,000 ‘Market Money’ Before Election, This Time They Want To Share N5k – Sani remarks

Shehu Sani was on his Twitter account today to talk about the government’s plan to share money to the citizens.

In his tweet, Shehu Sani said that last time N10,000 was shared to market men and women before the election, he said this time the government wants to share N5,000 transport fare to 40 million Nigerians before the elections.

I think Shehu Sani is talking about the N10,000-N100,000 interest free trader moni loan, that was given to petty traders and artisans by the Buhari administration as part of it’s social intervention programme. 5 million Nigerians reportedly benefited from this government programme.

The N5,000 he is talking about is the money the government plans to give to poor Nigerians as monthly transport grant after fuel subsidy is finally removed by February 2022. 30 to 40 million poor Nigerians will reportedly benefit from this grant.

I think this move by the government shows that they really care about the poor when making decisions. This money will help poor Nigerians cushion the effect of the hike in transport and fuel price.

Read what Shehu Sani said below.

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  1. What is five thousand has to do with the conditions that Nigerians are now. It is like prolonging the evils day because things are expensive and there’s no good hospital no good roads and hospitals are empty for drugs the electricity systems is bad if Government can provide all those amenities I think the average person will provide the rest for them selves infact there’s no good schools. Those in Government send their children abroad for good education then what are we saying. This time no money politics again people are wise.
    Let’s them do the right things to better Nigeria.

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