I Added Salt To My Toothpaste Before Brushing And This Happened To Me

We also see brands of toothpaste releasing items with salt in them. The general principle is that for the teeth and overall oral hygiene, a salt-enriched toothpaste is safer. Some brands have been promoting salt toothpastes, cashing in on the same conviction. However, it has some significant side effects, amid all the hype about salt as the ultimate dental superhero, too. As the secret to poor dental hygiene and wellbeing, high-sodium foods have been pegged.

To improve the flavor of the meal, salt is an ingredient we use in cooking food. Apart from cooking, most people do not know other items for which salt can be used.

Because of my place, I once had tooth ache and could not reach the hospital, so l called a dentist who advised me to add a small amount of salt to my toothpaste before brushing, but first to apply it to the area where I feel the pain before brushing other areas of my mouth. I did that and I felt relief from the pain after a couple of minutes, to my greatest amusement.

Twice a day (morning and evening) for three days, I was told to continue the process. L didn’t feel the pain again afterward.

There is sodium chloride in salt toothpaste, which is the same as the table salt that you place on your food. This is because salt has disinfectant properties that are natural. You may have been advised to try a warm salt water rinse if you’ve ever had a tooth extracted, to keep the place clean and safe, and even help with pain relief.

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