Abroad Based Nigerian Woman Reveals What Her Younger Boyfriend Did To Her (Video)

A Nigerian woman who is based abroad has cried out on social media after her younger boyfriend got her pregnant and abandoned her.

The woman, who is said to be a Nigerian from Edo State, was seen in the video as she was crying after. She said that the young boy used to call her sweet names any time he sees her, the boy like telling her that she’s beautiful and he loves her. She decided to accept the boy and they started having an affair. The woman, however, said that the day the boy wanted to sleep with her, she asked him to use protection so that it will help against unwanted pregnancy or infections but the boy refused, so, she allowed the boy.

The woman said that as a result of sleeping with the boy without protection she got pregnant for him and when she told him about the pregnancy, the boy said that she is too old to be pregnant and he can not stand his friends when they get to know that an old woman is pregnant for him.

The most interesting part is that the woman has been looking for a child for years and now that she is pregnant the boyfriend who is quite younger than her age doesn’t want to accept the pregnancy and she’s not ready to do anything silly with her pregnancy.

Watch Video Below:

Do you think the boy should accept the pregnancy and marry the woman?

Do you think the boy should accept a child from an old woman?

Will you blame the woman for accepting the boy?

Let’s have your opinion in this regard, thank you.

Source: Instablog9ja.


  1. The America based woman, is not to be blame because her aged is gone so far thanking god that she feel no shamed very goody only the boy is scared to answered for the pregnant the woman has only ask the boy minds is to at rest wondered to him an old woman pregnant for him very surprised if the woman can calling him to stands that you are good boy his attraction make her pregnant he shouldn’t run away for again only to promises the boy that his spirits matched her body that was the lock the boy brought to old woman now remained how the woman concentrate on the tó born baby now and appreciates the boy and god who promised her that she will has baby at all concerned bring the boy homé to tell him hisDNA he has matched her womb that is all over from god has done it he shouldn’t feel shy for is his is
    money to stay with her pending the baby will grow.

    1. When an old woman refuses to have sense, she should not bore us with her story. A fool at 40 is a fool forever!

  2. Why is America tolerating all sorts of illiterate idiots from Nigeria who won’t contribute anything to their economy? Let those who are educated be allowed entry and not these bags who can do nothing but consume food. Americans you will so regret if care is not taken I tell you.

  3. I have every reason to believe this pregnancy is deliberate. I won’t blame the young guy if he decided not to father a child from the lady.

  4. The old cargo is mumu look at what she is even saying. She is not ashame of herself instead of rejoicing she got pregnant in her old age and keep it secretly to herself. See you better go and buy a good car for that boy.

  5. Some people should mind their comments on Nigerians. It’s a free world, she can air her intimacy if she wants. It’s left for u to read/follow or not..America should only deny entry to Nigerians who are suspected terror sponsors.

  6. Something u hv been looking for a very long time and you came out exposing ur seif to the word does dt make sence? Instead of u to thank God and make d boy happy at all cost . Don’t exposed d boy again because of his family because no family we hear dt and happy dt there child go and gv old woman pregnant

  7. The woman is ingrate, if am the boy I will collect the baby from the idiot. She supposed to thank God,she’s there talking rubbish. Is she not ashawo? If not what is doing with condom?. The boy should go and collect the baby and abandon the old quack.

  8. I don’t understand was she rape or it’s a willful act? Woman if I understand better u are b brain behind it all, cheers to ur underground work. Remain bless.

  9. Is it because she is a Nigerian? What of the American woman that travelled to Nigeria to get married to a twenty years old boy 🤣 why didn’t you guys stop her that she is old enough to be his mother or grandma? Why are you guys like this now? Someone is hurting a Nigerian and you are supporting the one hurting and disgracing your own, common be wise please. If he knew she was old, why did he mont her? He should also own up to his responsibility, didn’t he see his age mate before going for our Anty? He is a fool, his parents must hear it oo! Tell them to know they are expecting a grandchild. Can a Nigerian leaving in America do such to American woman? They would have declear him wanted since. Besides, Love has nothing to do with age. Anty, but you for no talk this thing here sha! But all the same,thank God for the blessing, He has remember you in your old age, that was your destiny. Congratulations and take care of your baby. ❤️💕❤️💕💖🌹

  10. My dear as children of God have a believe dat this how your destiny mere to be bcs thing’s are fall apart somehow Dias bad in gud also gud in bad don’t shake to care for d chiid he is coming back to apologise for his wrong doing just kip on moving

  11. The woman is lucky to be pregnant at old age. The boy is not comfortable marrying an old woman perhaps close to that of his mother. The childless woman should deliver the child for the boy as a baby mama.

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