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Meet The Muslim Scholar Who Gave Reasons Why Jesus Is The True Messiah(Al-Masih)


In a video, Siraj Wahhaj stated that Muslims believe Jesus is the Messiah, referring to him as Al-Masih in the Quran.


In the Quran, Jesus is referred to eleven times as Al-Masih, a title given to no other prophet. He went on to say that Christ is the Greek word for “anointed,” which is how Christians got their name.

One of the reasons most Muslims find it difficult to accept him as the Messiah, according to Siraj, is that a messiah is supposed to bring peace to everybody. As a result, he urged everyone to embrace peace because we all serve the same God.


He went on to say that “Jesus is the Sign of the Hour,” after confirming that God can do whatever he wants, thus God saved Jesus in a particular way by raising him from the dead and taking him to heaven, while allowing other prophets, such as John the Baptist, to be killed.

Siraj resumed his lecture by adding “The day of judgment will not occur until various indications appear, one of which is the return of Jesus, who must come to fulfill his Messianic role as a just ruler over everyone. We are not ashamed to admit that we believe in Jesus.

He wrapped up by adding, “When Jesus (Peace and Blessing be upon him) returns for the second time, he will bring justice to the earth. He concluded by saying that ad-Dajjal (anti-christ) is genuine in the Quran and that Jesus is the only one who can put an end to it.


  1. I’m of the opinion that the those who don’t want to accept the facts stated in the Quaran about Jesus Christ will continue till the end of the debate.

    Our Muslim brothrs will and shall always ignore the truths and facts about Jesus Christ and his Life. But the day of the real truth shall surely come when those chosen few will have their rewards for adhering to the truths and facts about Jesus Christ in the Quaran.

    Thanks, God bless us all as we awaits eternity in Jesus mighty name 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Thomas Isadore Noel Johnson

  2. The fact that Jesus is going to come on the earth to preach just and peace doesn’t translate that he has more powers than God the almighty.God sent him to accomplish his mission of total submission to the will of God the only one. So as moslems we believe he brought Devine message from almighty Allah. So those who think Siraj has discovered a new thing in the Quran is myth. Because moslems of course recognize Jesus ( Isa) one of the four great prophets.

  3. Every body know that Jesus is the masiah, the savour, but devil will like to blind fold many so as not to believe this.

  4. He did not discover a new thing in the Quoran.He said that most Moslems do not want to accept Jesus as the Almasih the anointed one.And most Muslim are living in self denial of the facts about Jesus christ.God bless him.

  5. In the Name of Allah and may the Peace and Blessings be upon the Noble Messenger Muhammad!
    All praise be to Allah!
    I as a trying to be a practing Muslim found it worthy to enlighten and educate the public about this twisted facts and gibberish as a whole.
    Firstly, I have three questions upon the fundamentals of the religion the writer is trying to propagate.
    First, I know Allah created me and the entirety of the whole universe. Hence, He has the right to be worshipped by me. So I put forth, Are you created by Jesus Christ?
    Secondly, show me any creation in existence that is created by Jesus Christ.
    Thirdly, kindly assure yourself that Jesus Christ is the creator of Paradise and hell fire and grant you Paradise as a reward to your practicing Faith.
    These are straight forward questions and facts which does not need scriptural proof. Isn’t it?
    Shall I continue?

  6. Sheikh Siraj Wahhaj, thank you for your piece about Jesus (Isa), how even the Quran clearly says he’s the Messiah, a special title & assignment by Allah, to bring peace to the whole world, given to no other prophet. You also ask people to embrace peace. This your last wish is impossible (until Jesus returns) & is not in line with Islam, which preaches peace ONLY to a fellow Muslim, as we see in the Quran, Hadith & Sunna. To non- Muslims, Islam preaches subjugation slavery, war & death. Can this bring peace? Most communal violence in the world today is Islamic in origin. Your view about peace in the world & Jesus is exactly as is in the Bible. Infact your views are more in tune with Christianity than Islam, both of which, though seek the same God, lead to different places after death as you surely know. Jesus guaranteed his followers heaven as the Quran also says about followers of Jesus. Mohammed made no such guarantee as he himself was not so guaranteed by Allah, Surat 46:9. You should follow your heart and become a Christian, though heavy persecution, including death threat by Muslims will follow, Surat 4:89 as commanded, but Allah through Jesus will protect you as done & still being done to many. As said by famous Islamic scholar, Sheikh Qaradawi, referring particularly Surat to 4:89, many Muslims will leave Islam if violence is removed from it. That is Islam is propagated, sustained & preserved by violence, hence the peace you speak about and desired is not possible until Jesus returns.

  7. Jesus being the Word of God,can never be separate from God.All things were created through him,and by him.God spoke and the Word(Jesus) does it.

    God made flesh in the womb of Mariam,it was declared to be called Jesus meaning 👉The one who saves(God himself is the only who saves)God descended into that body as the holy Spirit(Jhon the Baptist bore witness of it),the world seeing him in the body,God was inside that body called Jesus reconciling the world back to himself.

    Because God can not come the way he is, otherwise seeing God the way he is,all would die,the only way which please him was to be inside an anointed body called Jesus and speak to us Human the way of being reconciled to him(God) through obeying in the words coming from inside the body called Jesus.

    So JESUS CHRIST,is the Temple where God is found.If you want to find God you must go into the Temple(Enter inside Jesus to find God).

    If you say,you worship only God,you must accept Jesus first as your Lord and Savior,then you will be allowed to go in and find God in the spiritual Temple (Jesus)

    Otherwise you will serve a different god, thinking you are serving God Almighty.

    In the end you go to hell.

    Accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord and Savior,then Eternal life is you.Amen.

  8. I believe we are brothers if you believe Jesus was sent accepted He is the Messiah and piont of correction Jesus is more than a prophet

  9. I wish all Muslims admit that bitter truth. But sheik ahiraj, you must be a true believer of Jesus Christ to be saved when Jesus comes the second time otherwise you’ll ne’er see the first resurrection but will face the just judgement in the final day of judgement when all non believers and all sinners will sent to enternal death in hell fire

  10. John 1:1-5 in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 through him all things were made without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 in him was life, and that life was the light of men. 5 the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. NOTE the word and light here meant Jesus

  11. From the revelation of this muslim schooler, l called on the Nigerian muslim brothers and sisters, to shun hate and religious difference and embrace love and compassion for one another. Acceptance of any religious beliefs should be volunteering, our children should be allowed to study the quoran and the bible on their own, decide for themselves. The hates and killings going on today in our country is largely religion based, we can live together as brother and sister, if put religion as aside.

  12. Like the muslim schooler righly said, it’s not a religious issue, by experience, any body who truly believe in JESUS always testify of peace that came in to their heart. Besides, CHRIST is the only saviour who can forgive our sins and give us assurance of salvation, He preaches love, forgiveness and compassion for all. Our muslim brothers and sisters, let us stop all these hates and killings going on in our country instigated by religious beliefs, study the quoran and the bible, find out the truth and follow it. God bless you

  13. If you have no existence unknown to humanity before the world came into existence,you cannot be the creator.
    In the beginning was the Word ,and the Wordwas with God, and the Word was God (2) The same was in the beginning with God (3)All thing were made by him: and without him was not any thing made that was made .(4)In him was life;(10) He was not n the world,and the world was was made by him John Chapter one one to 10 But bible.
    Jesus cannot be compared to Prophet Muhammed,He is the creator In Rev Chapter I vs 8 &11 JESUS says IAM Alpha and Omega the beginning and ending, IAM Alpha and Omega the first and the last.In Rev 22: vs12&14 says And behold,i come quickly; and my reward is with me,to give to every man ( man & female) according as. His work shall be..
    Christ is an incarnate God He took the nature of man that he may die to save man.He is God and will soon return to take his own home Prophet Muhammed did not promise his followers that The question is who do you believe thanks

  14. Please open the Bible to the book of John 1:3 which said all things were made by him in fact read from verse 1 to 3, verse 10 which said that world was made by Him, Jesus is not coming back to preach but to rapture His followers to heaven Matthew 24:31, 25:33-34

  15. Jesus Christ is ,God in human flesh. John 1:1-12. For those that accept Him are giving the right to be children of God.

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