He Said I Should See Him Off To Bush,I Never Knew He Had Planned And This Happened

He Said I Should See Him Off To Bush,I Never Knew He Had Planned And This Happened

I base in the village and am 17 years old, my friend has been making advances at me to be his girlfriend but I refuse. I love my education so much and am not ready to compromise it for anything in the world.


I am a SHS student hoping to write my final examination very soon and go to the university. My parents and other family members are looking up to me as the to-be bread winner of the family because I seem to be the only child of seven who is brilliant enough to make it to school.

All my family members including my uncles and aunties have invested a lot on my education, letting them down has been the last thing I will ever do.

Even though I help my parents in the farm, I still create time to study my books and do my assignment promptly. I have the dream of becoming a medical doctor one day.

My friend whom have been making advances at me is my classmate, he has done everything withing his reach to see that he was able to convince me into loving him but all his efforts were abortive as I never gave him the chance.

He is quite handsome and brilliant as well, I must confess that I was having feelings for him but blinded my eyes from that because I don’t want anything to come in between me and my studies.

Moreover, my parents and other well-wishers in the village have always advise me against going into relationship now as that could alter my future.

I could remember vividly that my mother use to tell me that if I allow any man touch me I will get pregnant and that will be the end of my dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

My mother’s statement spark fear in me that I don’t even want to see a man talk more of him touching me, I decided to lock my feeling knowing the fact that I do have the urge of being held by a man but never allow that to be the center of my thought.

This faithful day, my parents and other villagers went to the farm, and I was left at home to make lunch and take it for them at the farm, Unknown to me that my friend was also left back for whatever reason I don’t know.

Before noon, prior to when I will start cooking, he humbly came to my house and request that I should see him off to the near bush path, so he could go and pick up some farm produce he kept there.

As ignorant as I could be I fallowed him with the clear mind that he is my friend and never had the thought of anything bad.

On our way after about 20 minutes walk into the bush, he kept taking some path I never knew along that bush path. We now reach to this place where I saw a carton laid on the ground.

Immediately we got there he stopped, I now asked him have we reached, and where are the farm produce, so we can pack them home. Without saying a word he drew a knife from where I don’t know.

Fear grabbed me and my whole body was shaking, he now asked me to quietly lie down on what he spread on the ground and unzip my skirt else he’s going to kill me.

At that point I wasn’t myself, I could see my life flashing before my eyes. Without hesitation, I unzipped my skirt, and he had his way on me.

After everything I felt like killing myself, I find it difficult to discuss that with anybody, considering the stigma I will face if my classmates and friends should know about what happened.

Now am pregnant and no one knows about it, even the boy doesn’t know because I have not told him yet. I am so confused right now, I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to miss my chance of becoming a medical doctor.

Please am in a fix right now, and I in dire need of your advice. Please what should o do? Thank you.


  1. It’s quite unfortunate that you pass through this ugly scenario, I will advise you to report the case to the police because if not, he will still attempt the second round even more.
    He will think you enjoy it and have an interest in that illicit affairs

  2. Before things happen there most be a reason , that can’t ever stop you been a medical doctor , so tell your parent don’t abort it without your parent known about it

  3. You have to tell your people what happened to you. Let your family go to the boy’s family and make a complain against what the boy did to you and the results of he did. Tell the boy’s family about the pregnancy.dont abort the baby pls I beg you.keep the baby bcoz the it maybe a promising child.carry the pregnancy, after you deliver the baby, your parents can take care of the baby while you go back to school and finish education.the pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from completing your education. Pls you can call me on this line for assistance 09046258094,+2349046258094

  4. Be strong and courageous. Call your mom attention and narrates everything to her, tell her to involve the police on this don’t do anything stupid, take care of yourself and your baby remember your mom didn’t abort you.

  5. I know you chop the guys money that is why he did that to you. All the same just report to your parents first. They will know the right thing they will help you do to have your way out about that unknown guy you are talking about. Or if you can afford police to arrest the guy and presecute him for you and you will take care of your and the pregnancy till you deliver and further your education again.

  6. May you pliz engage in your parents before it is too late coz you need not to miss your dreams!! but sory.

  7. While all things been equal, take the advice of the above people telling you to meet your mom and don’t abort it, it’s very important you don’t know maybe the child will be the medical doctor. May Almighty Allah continue to guide and protect everyone from Evel

  8. It is unfortunate that your friend did such a wicked atrocity to you… Just like others have rightly advice, tell your mom,then approach his parents to let them know what he did.

  9. The people that have adviced her above had said it all. Follow what they said & God Almighty will be with you

  10. I don’t blame the guy maybe you have been eating the guy money and nemesis now catch-up with you some ladies thought that they are wise meanwhile they are not some will collect transport fuel from you but they will not bother to call or come they will say that that guy is mumu. No be so God will help you sha

  11. Pls, call your mom’s attention and narrates everything to her, she will definitely understand.., the pregnancy can not hinder you from fulfilling your divine purpose on earth..

  12. If say why is it that Nigeria like to lie, who video them when there going into the bush to fresh
    some farm produces couldn’t help her

  13. @Daniel, if you don’t have any meaningful thing to say then keep your mouth shot, didn’t you read her story??

    Anyway my dear, don’t keep this to yourself alone, ask yourself, if your parents get to see you with pregnancy, won’t they be more disappointed in you, will they even listen to you by then? So my advice is, call your mom and narate everything to her, what happened to you was an accident, you didn’t deliberately do it, your life was threatened. Your parents will understand with you, and I want to also let you know that, that pregnancy and the baby can’t stop you from achieving your dram, it might only delay you for like two years or thereabout. God bless you dear

  14. This is a case of rape. You should report to police immediately. Do not fear any stigmatisation. Be bold. Let the criminal be arrested.

  15. It’s all lie who took their pictures when she was follow him into the bush? We can see the picture you of spreding something on the ground in the bush who was there then fraudster. You can help her if you have interest on her.

  16. It’s late to start throwing blames now. You could have informed your mum when he started his advances and careful not to follow him to any unknown place alone. Dear the truth be told, pregnancy can’t hiden forever. Someday, people will get to know. So pls info your people about it. My god daughter had an abortion wihout us knowing and almost lost her life in the process. If not for Gods intervention

  17. Please my sister don’t kill yourself,look for. God fearing personality. And confide on the person and take Godly advise

  18. Let ur experience be a lesson to other girls. Avoid keeping opposite sex as intimate friends.U can’t hide the pregnancy, tell ur mom. keep the pregnancy

  19. Please do not do any bad thing to your self just bring the incident to attension of your parents and to the boy parent .you will go back to school after delivery

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