How Soludo Mistakenly Provided INEC With Wrong Information That Could Derail His Election Victory

Despite his impressive victory at the recently held Anambra State Governorship election, former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, cannot breathe easy just yet because of a pending court case seeking his disqualification.

According to a Punch report, in a case before the Federal High Court in Abuja, the plaintiffs- Adindu Valentine and Egwudike Chukwuebuka are asking the court to disqualify Governor-elect Soludo and Deputy Governor-elect Onyeka Ibezim for misleading the public by providing false information to the Independent National Electoral Commission. The judgment has been slated for November 30, 2021.

What is the false report that Soludo allegedly provided and could this affect his recent electoral success? This will be the focus of this report 

Soludo allegedly provided false information in the affidavit (form EC9) which he submitted to INEC

In the said form, Soludo indicated that he was contesting for the Aguata 2 Constituency Seat, instead of the Anambra Governorship seat. 

From all indications, this was a mistake from Soludo’s team but it is a mistake that could prove costly if care is not taken. Except the defence counsels have a very compelling line of argument, then this obvious error can end up jeopardizing Soludo’s success, because the court could take it in an attempt to mislead the public.

Given Soludo level of exposure and exposure, one expects that such an error should not be made by him. Even if he was not the one that filled the form, he had a duty to double-check to avoid error, or he could have gotten someone else to do the checking line by line.

The plaintiff has a burden to prove that an intent exist

Despite the risk, this error may pose to Soludo’s mandate, the plaintiffs have a high mountain to climb before they can get Soludo disqualified. 

First of all, they will have to show that the basic element of deliberate falsehood exist; and they will prove beyond reasonable doubts that an intent to mislead also exist. The intent can only be proved if the plaintiffs can convince the court of what Soludo stands to gain from the deliberate falsehood. But we will have to wait until November 30 to know how the court will rule. 

Yet the defence counsels cannot afford to take anything for granted. They must also be on their toes to counter the claims of the plaintiffs and convince the court with pieces of evidence that Soludo didn’t intend to mislead the public rather, the mistake was not intentional and should not lead to his disqualification.

But going forward, Soludo should learn from this incident and ensure he is much careful, especially when it comes to filling in sensitive documents. At this stage of his political career, he cannot afford to make mistakes that will ruin his dreams.

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  1. Which one is bigger, the Augusta 2 Constituency or the Governorship Elections? From the difference you can adjudge his intention in filing his papers. What does he stand to gain by filing for a far lesser office than the governorship position? To me, it makes no sense at all and it’s an error not intentional and it has no weight as to affect his election victory.

    1. And besides, why is the discovery coming now? Why didn’t INEC verify it before the election, or did someone exchange the original with a fake one? If there was a mistake, INEC should have corrected it, seeing he had been campaigning as governorship candidate.

  2. What did the INEC do with the affidavit (for EC9) after it was completed and submitted to them? Did they just dumped it until after the election without processing it? What information about the candidates did they use to conduct the election and how did obtain it if not from the submitted forms/ documents?
    I think INEC has several questions to answer.

  3. My point is that if there was no Aguata constituency election in place then that was typographical error. And should not be termed as misleading. He won because the Anambra people for him and not the other way round.

  4. Anambra election is a prelude to peace and security in the south east, since after the election,a sane mind will agree with me that a lot of fray nerves have calm down,it is pertinent on both INEC and south easterners to leverage on the hard earned peace and put back the region on the map of glory

  5. In law there’s what we call error of commission. Inec never organized an election for House of Representatives at this time, so it an acceptable error in law. The would throw out the case in my opinion.

  6. Soludo, fight till last of your blood never in this Earth surrender your governorship won seat to APC candidate Andy uba. APC they about to do the same 419 or fraudulent method to take power in our state Anambra. The same thing happened in imo state.
    Where is INEC dey when the form is filled? Why did INEC give soludo governorship ticket?

    Instead of auguta ward two ticket?
    If court do the same thing that happened in imo state goveror, we anambra youths must protest to end court of law As we end SARS. Now to end court of law. From
    Clement, 08060427173.

    1. Did a lawyer actually file the case in court? The form I saw shows that Soludo filled that he is contesting for Governor and he is from Aguata II constituency . So what’s the case?

  7. Was the Aguata 2 Constituency Seat vacant at the time of the election or when the forms were filled? How much was the cost of Nomination forms for both offices and how much did Soludo pay? All these are diversionary and mere legal academic exercise.

  8. This interesting case and lawyers will make tons of money considering the personalities involved. It will all the way to Supreme Court.
    Unfortunately INEC used to have the power to Screen Candidates and reject the based on the 2006 Electoral Law. This was operational up to 2011 General Election. But the 2010 Ammendment to the Electoral Law removed that power FROM INEC and handed it over to the Parties and the Courts. This is still in operation upt to the 2019 Elections. It is the New Ammendment that INEC has proposed to NASS that that may change. So INEC just witnesses the procedure and receives nominations for preparation of election. You could nominate your dog as far the law is concerned. The Courts will decide that the dog is not qualified.

  9. Inec is the commission to announce the false documentation if soludo has submitted any such documents of aguata 2 constituency. Is like APC lead by Andy uba is play jamboree in Nigeria and also thinking he is smart but useless and as it stands now he is a disgrace to ndi anambra.I was born in anambra and also grew up in anambra did my studies in anambra and I understand that the anambra that I know will never allow a hooligan’s to rule or led them as governor. There’s a word that say tell me your friend and I will tell you what you are.Andy uba having a friend like hope uzodimma who have fraudulent acts starting defraud be people in holding days and went and hide in NKUME orsu lGA imo state with 505 Peugeot now a senator defrauding federal government project of dredging of calabar deep sea port which nothing was done but he hope uzodimma went ahead to collect billions of dollars from previous Good luck Jonathan government and hope uzodimma tended a fake Lagos address as his company office address which is fake so Andy uba challenging the anambra state governosucceedelection result will not succeed main his case lack merits and will be trashed out of the FEDRAL high court and will have any appeal

  10. This is a mere error and not something that should raise dust. This should also teach him a lesson because there are people that may try to jeopardize his policies and governance if he is not careful but how come the INEC did not find out this mistake during screening?
    How did the two persons that filed the case find out this error?

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