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Chijioke Obioha And Four Other Nigerians Executed In Singapore And Indonesia For Drug Trafficking

Authorities in Singapore and Indonesia have continued to wage serious war against any form of drug trafficking in both countries. Hundreds of persons have been convicted and executed in the two countries, mostly by firing squad and hanging.

Meanwhile, the execution of drug traffickers in these countries have continued to attract global condemnations. Therefore, we shall take a look at some of the notable cases involving Nigerians who have been convicted and executed for drug trafficking in both countries over the years.

Chijioke Obioha Stephen:

Chijioke Obioha, a graduate of Chemistry from the University of Benin, Edo State, travelled to Singapore in 2005 to pursue a professional football career, but was unable to secure a club afterwards, according to Guardian newspaper.

He ventured into drug trafficking business, and was eventually arrested in 2007 after he was found in possession of more than 2.6kg of cannabis. The quantity reportedly surpassed the 500 grammes capital limit in that country. He was arrested alongside a Malaysian national, named Devendran Supramaniam.

Obioha and Devendran were found guilty and sentenced to death in 2008 and 2014, respectively. Meanwhile, ICIR reported that there were several appeals from different quarters across the world, for the death sentence to be replaced with some other punishment, but all were rejected. Also, an appeal lodged by Obioha was dismissed in 2010, and even a petition filed by the Nigerian Government through its high commission in Singapore could not change the situation.

Sadly, he was eventually executed by hanging, at the Changi Prison, in the early hours of November 18, 2016, after the country’s Appeal Court threw out an urgent Criminal motion instituted by Obioha’s lawyer, Mr. Joseph Chen, according to Vanguard newspapers.

Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi:

Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi was arrested on November 2, 2004, in Changi Airport, Singapore while in transit. Tochi was reportedly just 18-years old when he was arrested.

Guardian newspaper reported that his arrest was as a result of his suspicious movement at the aforementioned airport; that he had spent about 24 hours in transit. Following his arrest, about one hundred capsules of diamorphine were found on him, with a total weight of 727.02 grammes. The substance was estimated by authorities to be worth S$1.5m (US$970,000), reports International Centre for Investigative Reporting.

(Photo credit: The eight foreigners executed in Indonesia in 2015 for drug trafficking. Photo credit: Sahara Reporters)

Meanwhile, it was equally gathered that his lawyer during the trial claimed that Tochi was only trying to pursue a professional career in football, and was just in possession of some African herbs for a certain sick African man, later identified as Okeke Nelson Malachy, and not diamorphine as alleged by the authorities.

Unfortunately, Tochi and Malachy were eventually found guilty of drug trafficking and subsequently sentenced to death. They were executed by hanging in Singapore in 2007.

Tochi’s execution came amid pleas for clemency from different quarters, including from the then Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, United Nations, Amnesty International, etc.Tochi’s death sparked global outrage against the country (Singapore), according to a report by the International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR).

Okwudili Oyatanze:

He was reportedly arrested in 2001 at the popular Jakarta’s international airport, Indonesia. According to Sahara Reporters, Oyatanze was arrested while trying to smuggle 5.5 pounds of heroin in his stomach through the aforementioned airport, after arriving on a flight from Pakistan.

He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to death in 2008. While he was held behind bars pending his execution, ICIR reported that he wrote and recorded about 70 songs, which he equally performed with Prisons guards and his fellow inmates.

Meanwhile, Sahara Reporters reported that he was executed in April 2015.

Izuchukwu Ezimoha:

He was arrested in July 2002 following a raid on his apartment in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Indonesia, by police operatives and the country’s narcotic agency. Meanwhile, about 48kg of heroin was found in his house during the sting operation, according to International Centre for Investigative Reporting.

The report further revealed that Ezimoha was allegedly into the importation of clothing materials. He was tried by the Tangerang District Court, and eventually convicted in October 2003. He was among the eight foreigners executed in the country in 2015.

Sylvester Obiekwe Nwolise:

The 49 year old Nwolise was arrested in Sukarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta in 2002, while trafficking about 1.18 kilos of heroin through the said airport. In September 2004, a court sitting in Tangerang sentenced him and others to death, according to Premium Times Nigeria.

It was also reported that in 2015, he was accused by the Indonesian National Narcotics Body of running drugs ring in the Nusakambangan jail, where he was being held after his conviction, pending his execution.

The court found him guilty of trafficking 2.6lb of heroin via Sukarno Hatta Airport in Jakarta in 2002. Though he continued to appeal the judgment through his legal team, until he was finally executed in 2015.


    1. Why is it that all the traffickers are so Igbo’s. The hardened heart to make more money is detrimental to their dark tomorrow

  1. Interestingly, all those executed are Igbo guys, who are seen as ready to do everything and anything as long as money is going to come out of it.

    1. It is not Nigeria, all those countries will not take or Harbour sins nor nonsense, how do you mean it is poverty, no, if it is poverty they will not be looking for fat money like that
      Do you think they didn’t know the consequences ? (bad friends) wrong advisers)
      Some tribes are more into this things than others
      The Bible asks us to teach our children in the way of GOD. even when they grew up cont. telling them crooked way/s is never GOD’S way.

    1. Sometimes I normally wonder why do you want to become rich early the Bible is very clear evil ways are always satanic you can manouver first second but nabbed third let richines come from humble hard work nothing more shortcuts are always death ways I sympathize for the fallen family

  2. It is very sad and painful seeing this happening to our fellow country people. Even though the affected people coused it but still the bleme with no be limited to them alone , parents and government are inclisiin. MayAllah guide our people right in all our endeavors. Parents should be alart on their role while government should make favorable environment for living to all Nigerians..

  3. The Great Singer Jimmy Cliff, sang to Humanities: Simple Creature Must Obey A LAW!!! When they where in Singapore and Indonesia, they taught they are in their Corrupt Country-Nigeria, where they Can go FREE!! But it was the Opposite.

  4. My fellow country people… Poverty and joblessness is the root and founder of crime believe it or not. I an aluminum fabricator also a painter as young as I am but few years ago I almost join the Yahoo gang cuz No Contract from my job. I see the lazy ones become the enjoying ones scool Aside nothing is working here if you found your self good job or daily meal here just thank God. I joined crypto trading cuz is the only means to earn high daily and in dollars the next thing government stop it now police search phones once they see crypto app they will other you to transfer all to their own wallet is this how we gonna survive? If you see poverty I bet you you go do ritual.

  5. Let’s pray we don’t face poverty where by you can work and you are healthy but no job no one cares if you live no promise and fail hope at all just living like a bird. Crime has no excuses but sometimes hardship build up the mind to take the last offer (crime) from devil. Let’s the country to encourage youths Even I their criminal ideals. Some can make guns while not use them as government workers pay them well send them out for more upgrading then use them in legal areas. Some of us can hack anything why not embrace them Change their criminal mindsets and make use them legally. If you can convince a stranger to send you money and she did then you have a marketing talent but it’s Yahoo here why not arrest them change their minds set use them for international communication in business.

    1. Crypto trading and for.ex is legit (except in naija) and is different from drug dealing, yahoo and rit.ual! Greed is mostly behind many of these people. Yoruba will say, if you don’t know how your mates get rich, you go run, die on top the matter. So sad for them

  6. You’ve written well, the government of this great nation has destroyed the legacy of the British from the day of our independence, if you have been following the trend in the country, you get to realize that anything at all that can bring benefit to the poor is always being bastardize by the government, in essence we don’t have good government in this our great nation

  7. I don’t know why we still have stupid people like you still existing in the world, with this story head lines this is all u have to say? It’s unfortunate to say the least

  8. Those rejoicing bcs they are all Igbos should know that they are not better than those kiled, that’s foolishness & wickedness to rejoice bcs they are Igbos. Had it been that our country is balanced I don’t think so many of them would ever dream of travealing outside Nigeria for quick money making, talkless of engaging into drug business. So I put all the blames on our evil leaders & tribes who doesn’t want good changes in Nigeria.

  9. May be we have to blame it on Igbo culture where money is supreme. Individuals have no value in that society when they don’t have money. How do you explain the fact that a graduate will go into drug traffic when he is educated at that level. Igbos should reconsider the cult of money in their society to save the future generations and also stop disgracing Nigeria abroad.

  10. Crime has no geographical boundaries, color or creed. The visa documents of those countries usually warn intending immigrants about their country’s stand on drug offences but people pay deaf attention to their detriment.
    But some commentators here who taint matters as crime with ethnic coloration are myopic and bunch of ignoramuses.

  11. Hushpupi is not Igbo, his cronies in Nigeria are not Igbo, the Igbos did not start like this, after the war the richest Igbo man was left with only twenty naira in his account, and other embargoes were placed on them, and they have to save their ravaged economy, the Igbo people went deep down into commercial activities, some of which were not legitimate just to survive, but then,if the Igbo man’s love of money is the problem of Nigeria we would not be were we are today,an Igbo man will always want to invest in Nigeria more than others who love to build refineries in foreign countries while our own rusts away, they have the best universities and hospitals outside Nigeria yet cannot build a clinic in their local government,an Igbo man is definable while others are not.

  12. All dis crime committed is based on bad governments and lack of job’s in Nigeria. A country where a BSC Holder will find him self doin a cleaner Job just to earn a living, further More for does been executed in singapore may they souls rest in peace. They All gone for Good. No body prays for crime but wen it’s comes takes it like dat.

  13. All of our saying goes to one bus stop, which is our country. the country in which our people go in other search of Greenerpasture! Must of this country we are economically better than them, but how to manage the good resources God has blessed us with becomes an inheritance for few citizens n the country ,today the wickedness of our leaders make us live as a refugee in our own country ,may God bless Nigeria with a good leaders

  14. His not foolish bro, he just ha to think deep and get it right that Igbos understand reasons poverty is not to be reckon with than Hausa or Yoruba.

  15. It’s not poverty, it’s greedy and lack of contentment. There’s a good and talented musician among them. Graduates, etc. Are they the only facing or fighting poverty? Armed robbers have always been in existence even when there was money. It’s not poverty, but self distruction.

  16. You see,Igbo’s as an etnic group are greedy for the material money and are ready to sacrifice even their own life’s for the sake of money.Dont pity them for they don’t even pity themselves.They are a deadly ethnic group and I will be much happy if Nigeria can and will allow them to be on their own as they want.Without Igbo’s Nigeria would be a better place.

  17. It’s not poverty abeg. It’s greed for material things. To be Rich at all cost. There’s destiny my Brother. Do your legitimate best and leave the rest

  18. Please my fellow Nigerian if you want to do nonsense better come Back to your country
    Nigeria where laws are not working then do whatever you like

  19. I feel sorry for them and their parents. Come to think of it, it will go a long way serve as deterrent to other youths who have get rich. quick syndrome.

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